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Party Of European Socialists Experience In Governance Research

Posted on:2007-02-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185976302Subject:Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
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In the sixty years after the World War II, European Socialist Parties have come into powers for many times. During their long-term ruling, they have taken a series of important policies, which have impelled the development of economy and improved the standard of living, although they could not destroy the capitalism. European Socialist Parties had rich ruling experience, which is well worth us to speculate and study.In this dissertation, I try to explore the European Socialist Parties' experience of reign from the views of theories, policies and reform, in order that the CPC can absorb some experience from them. This dissertation consists of seven chapters.Chapter One: The basic theories and their origins. To providing theoretical basis for the dissertation, this chapter expounds the basic theories about the party and the party in power.Chapter Two: The course of European Socialist Parties. This chapter looks back on the course of European Socialist Parties' development after the World War II.Chapter Three: The ruling ideas of European Socialist Parties. This chapter discusses the ruling ideas of European Socialist Parties: Freedom, Equity, solidarity, interdependentment.Chapter Four: The ruling practice of European Socialist Parties. In this chapter, I choose the Swedish Social Democratic Labor Party, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the French socialist Party and the British Labor Party as the sample to explore their experience of ruling, and the achievement and the contributiveness of European Socialist Parties' ruling .
Keywords/Search Tags:European Socialist Parties, Ruling experience, Theory renewal, Policy change, Party building, Summary and Think
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