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China's Political Groups And The Development Of Political Civilization

Posted on:2007-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360212970712Subject:Subject community and the international communist movement
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In this dissertation, political civilization is considered as a system composed of political subject civilization, political ideological civilization, political administrative civilization and political conduct civilization. It centers on the relations between Chinese political group and the development of Chinese political civilization, using the empirical research method. It expounds the nature, standings and functions of Chinese political groups in Chinese political civilization and put forward some suggestions about the reform and development of Chinese political group in the field of socialist political civilization.This dissertation consists of three parts besides the introductory one. At the beginning, it is the introductory part in which we advance questions, analyze the research significance, classify the core concepts, choose the research methods and form the framework of this paper.The first part introduces the standings and functions of the Chinese political group in political civilization. It consists of three chapters. The first is about the political group and political group and political ideological civilization. From establishing the theory of political ideological civilization, it analyzes the situation of political group ideological civilization and point out the value-orient function of political group and its Implementation Approach——political socialization. It concretes on the conduct of political groups in cultivating the political consciousness of its representative organization. The second chapter is about political groups and political administration civilization. From establishing the theory of political administration civilization, it discusses the role of political group playing in the establishment and construction of Chinese political administrative civilization. The third chapter is about political group and political conduct civilization. From establishing the theory of political conduct civilization, it analyzes that political groups organize and mobilize its representative organizations to take part in political activity in personal capacity or in-group capacity. It points out political groups take part in Chinese political civilization practice orderly through many ways. The third part analyzes the reform and development of political groups with the development of Chinese political civilization. It consists of three chapters. The fourth chapter analyzes the "democracy" and "concentration" existing in the political groups and points out that the political groups cannot strengthen their vigor unless they can reinforce its internal democratic construction. In this part, it also...
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