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Research Of Public Service Oriented E-Government

Posted on:2008-12-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the transition of the economic system in our country from planned economy to market economy, the society is undergoing the process of type changing. Accordingly, the government's administrative mode is also changing from the traditional administrative management to the new type public administration and community services. So the government departments are required to strengthen the economic adjustment and market supervision, meanwhile we need to put more emphases on performing the function of social management and community services, and gradually change the government's administrative mode from "control type" to "service type". This article holds the opinion that the essence of E-Government is the government's innovation of service, which is the important carrier and approach of establishing service type government and realizing the transformation of government's function.The building of the E-government in our country has developed fast these years. The infrastructure to execute E-government and the building of network platform are both mature and some effects have been seen in the application of some upright vocations such as "twelve golden project". On the other hand, the building of the E-government in our country has met the bottleneck in the development. Because of the lack of long-term system planning, the community service items of multi-industry and multi-department are less. For the lack of actual effective service, E-government has turned off to the concept sensationalized by IT manufacturers, and information silos are seen everywhere. Moreover, some government departments are devoid of service concept, the huge invested "E-government project" has become to the visual project which lack actual applied value. The famous economist Jing-Lian Wu acutely pointed that the E-government in our country has stepped to the mistaken area which pay more attention on electron than on government administer, more on building than on conformity, more on concept than on application.This article holds the point that the reason why the E-government in our countrystepped to the mistaken area not only because of our administrative environment and the "bureaucrat-oriented" administrative tradition, but also the lack of comprehensive profound understanding of the complicated systemic project—E-government by some government departments and the scientific comprehensive cognition of the reform in public administer which brought by E-government the new thing. So this article tried to put the building of E-government under the background of our establishing of a service type government, and to consider the E-government from the angle of view which faces to the community service, to reconsider the service pattern of our government.To essentially improve the relationship between the government and the public, the building of E-government in this article used the part of CRM theory for reference. The CRM in E-government include three levels: first, it's an idea focused on the customer, providing personalized information services, it's called the concept focused on the citizen in E-government; Second, it's a customer-led management method which business process reengineering is applied, and it's called government service process reengineering; Third, it's a computer software system, many information technology, user interative channel integration, government sevice back-desk integration, personalized information service, privacy protection, all can be used in the E-government construction.The content researched in this article concludes:1. Introducing the research actuality about the E-government home and abroad.2. After analyzing the the core character of CRM, analyzing the reason why CRM worth partly using for reference by E-government and the character which can't be used in E-government, and pointed that the core theory of E-government which faces to the public service is that "Keeping the requirement of the public as the center task", the core technique is user interative channel integration, government service process reengineering, system integration, and personalized service.3. The ten rules that should be kept to by E-government which embodies the CRM theory, designing, application, spreading has been put forward.4. The user interative channel integration and government call center are very important components in E-government. The technique of VoiceXML is deeplydiscussed in E-government.5. The concept of government service process reengineering has been introduced. Analyzing the meaning of it, and picking up the disadvantages of the traditional flow of our government, Put forward the guiding ideology, principle, promoting strategy and concrete method of the government affair flow reorganization.6. The technique of system integration (WEB service) and the applied strategy and techniques used in removing the information silos and carrying out the system integration process have been introduced. A design and concrete method of the E-government data exchange tools which bases on the WEB service technique has been put forward.7. The research of personalized information service in the E-government. The individual information service is one of the core functions of the E-government system which faces to the public service. In Order to provide great individual service, we must get well know about the basic information and other individual information (like hobby, habit etc.) of the customers. This information may relate to privacy which should be dealt with carefully. We suggest that the P3P should be introduced in the E-government. Finally, putting forward a structure of the individual information system to protect the privacy which on the base of moving agent to solve the contradiction of the individuation and privacy protection in the E-government.The last part briefly concluded the main outcome, conclusion and realization of this article. The innovation and the disadvantage of this article also have been pointed out. At last, we prospected several problems which needed to further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-government, CRM, service-type government, channel integration, personalized service, privacy protection, motion agent, information filters
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