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Perspective Of Communication, Ideological And Political Education

Posted on:2009-02-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360242486179Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The title "Research on Ideological and Political Education in Communicative Perspective" shows that this thesis interprets communicative recognition and explanation in a way of ideological and political education, and project a solution to the communicative problem in current ideology and political education. The key point and main line, therefore, is communication. Adding communication to the perspective of ideological and political education, in theory, enriches the basic theory system and enhances the scientific process in ideological and political education; in practice, it reinforces efficiency and pertinence, provoking renovating in the field of ideological and political education.This dissertation researches from history to reality, from theory to practice, from macroscopic to microcosmic; guided by Marxist theory, centered the relationship between communication and ideological and political education, it puts forward to build up communicative ideological and political education. Communicative ideological and political education is defined as a sort of communicative practice that multi-polar and different subjects ( mainly referring the educator and student) who converse, communicate, share emotion and recognition, then they improve their ideological and political morality by certain educational objects as media. The concept of communicative ideological and political education reflects a fresh value of ideological and political education. The dissertation will cover:In Introduction, it analyzes the theoretical and practical basis and states the significance and value to research on this subject.Chapter One searches a good many ancient and present philosophers whose views show references. The illustrations of the third Chinese leaders enlighten detailed guidance and proper approaches and principles to study ideological and political education in communicative perspective.Chapter Two introduces the related communicative principles of Marx, which possess essential position in this field. It also introduces the communicative theory of Herbermas, the main contents and characteristics, including the similarity and difference with Marxist theory, and the experience in general people can learn from.Chapter Three fully illustrates the relationship between communication and ideological and political education. It poses "ideological and political education is communication itself", in which explains that communication is essential and its purpose lies in better communication between human and the world. This chapter defines the concept of the inter-subjectiveness in ideological and political education. The confirmation of the term is premise and basis to ideological and political education.Chapter Four discusses the theoretical feature of communicative ideological and political education. Firstly, three essential features, that are multi-polar subjects, two-way building and equal dialogue. Secondly, features of the educational purpose, which points out that it should involve happy life of human, by which makes sure of the contents and governing principle.Chapter Five generalizes the decisive approaches to realize communicative ideological and political education—reforming thinking pattern, improving communication of the subject, innovating education methodology, creating ideal environment for education, and changing the administer mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:communication, ideological and political education, communicative ideological and political education, inter-subjectiveness in ideological and political education
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