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Researches Into The International Strategies Of The Communist Party Of China In The Harmonious World Ideation

Posted on:2008-04-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The idea of the harmonious world is raised by our party during the new period of time ,also it's a whole new mode and a completely new voice in the territory of the international relations the harmonious world is an ideation on the theory of the international relations which insists on the rational ,moral and standard actions on the international events. The idea of the harmonious world is based on the principles of peace, development, co-operation, dialogue, and co-existence. Peace and development will still be the main theme nowadays and the common appeal and wish to all the world .cooperation ,Dialogue and co-existence are necessary approach and ineoitable choice of achieving the peace and development.The idea of the harmonious world will vigorously push forward the whole new thought of mutual safty and prosperity ,also protecting the varities of the human culture ,it will be one of the most important theories of establishing the international cooperation relations .while the world is undergoing a major and profound change today,the new theory will inhense the real prosperity and development.How to dominate the international strategy of China in the harmonious world ideation. How to view the value and the meaning of idea thought the various angles of different factors from the international relations thought .The above two issues are not only the impending need of development ,also the cure of the international relations development .Researches into the International Strategies of the Communist Party of China in the Harmonious World Ideation which expects to enrich and develop the theory of international relations promote the development of the Communist Party of China in practice .This paper views the point: the hamonious world which was push forward by General Secretary Hu Jintao at United Nations General Assembly,building a harmonious world as a goal of the research, and providing theory basis and practicing reference for our diploma strategy and practice of new century ,pushing forward the goal of the harmonious world coming true early.This paper includes ten parts.The guiding part presents the main problem and the purpose of the study ,explains the concepts methods ,frame of content, difficulties and creative pointswhich are concerned in the research.In this part ,it also takes an exiting part researching results on the basis of the outline of reference book.The first part concluded the basic experiences of our international strategies which were made by Chairman Mao ,Chairman Deng xiaoping and Chairman Jiang Zemin these three generations leaders company through the narration of our party's historical envolvement of the international strategy. It also provides the historical references for the making and carring out of our international strategy in the new century.The second part explains the international and internal background ,the implication and chacteristics of the harmonious world ,which comes from the concept of the harmonious world with Marxist dialectical materialism and historical materialism .it also says that the concept of the harmonious world is the reflection of the nature-human coexisting culture which belongs to Chinese traditional strategy ,which is the explaination and development of the five principles of peaceful co-existence .it is also the further consideration and command about the international society's development and its direction as country is trying to create a harmonious society the concept is not noly the announcement of China to face the saying threatening China ,which has appeared during the rise of China ,it's also the important concept that guides Chinese international strategy to develop during the process of China's steps to a powerful country .The third part discusses systematically the agreement of building an ideal international order by the academic circle of the international relations ,which is based on the three important theory divisions :idealism ,realism ,constructivism and gets the conclusion that the harmonious world theory is the big innovation in Chinese international relations.The forth part with the accomplishment of the international mechanism builds the route of the harmonious world , this part proves that the international mechanism is the only way to build the harmonious world from the angles: the function of specific features and related concepts ,the contending on the basic theory ,the facts of international society ,the frame ,function and effects of the international mechanism.The fifth part discusses the value basement Justice ,Democracy ,theRule of Law. This paper analisies the place and the effect of the three factors and the routes of accomplishing the international justice ,democracy and the rule of law deeply.The sixth part emphasizes that the leading nations are the key of construction of the harmonious world and the notion identification is the base and this paper also points out that the developing countries are indispensable force of building the harmonious world. Meanwhile the writer reveals the specific tentative plans from the study of international political and cultural identification.The seventh part discusses the theory and pratices of ordering the world by the United States influent the building of the harmonious world. The process of the building can accomplish without the United States, but damages were often posed by the hegemonism and power politics of the United States .so we maintain that it is necessary to draw lessons from history ,and properly handle the existing problems and disagreement between the two countries . The eighth part discusses the Researches into the International Strategies of the Communist Party of China in the Harmonious World Ideation.China is a major player of building the harmonious world ,Chinese government will be not only responsible for the development of China ,also to the whole world .China is the creator of the harmonious world theory and will be the major constructor and practicer during the process.
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