th, NGOs have thrived and become significant "The Third Sector" in the fields of politics, economy and social life, which play ...">
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On Moral Integration Function Of NGOs

Posted on:2009-05-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360245957550Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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With tides of "league revolution" surging worldwide since 1970th, NGOs have thrived and become significant "The Third Sector" in the fields of politics, economy and social life, which play important roles of promoting the development of social morality.There are profound social roots for thrive of NGOs. Viewing from historical dimension, from 1960th to 1980th , modern welfare crisis of countries, oil crisis, worldwide environmental crisis, socialist crisis, communication revolution and middle class revolution are the deepest roots which advance the development of NGOs in western countries. Developments of socialist market economy, reforms of government system, development of middle class and charity tradition are the social roots of NGOs. Viewing from reality, developments of NGOs inherently conform to the formation of modem civil society. Civil society provides nutrient and environment for the development and growth of NGOs. The feature of developments of NGOs is "legitimacy". Researches on "legitimacy" towards NGOs mainly include "ineffective market/government theory", "ineffective contract theory" and "the third-party management theory", which analyze "legitimacy" of NGOs from different views and help us make a better understanding towards essence and features of NGOs.The features of public interest, volunteer, democracy and non-profit and so on are moral attributes of NGOs. Attribute determines function. Moral attribute of NGOs determines its moral integration function, which is the external manifestation of moral integration. As an internal social integration manner, moral integration is a united, open, appropriate moral process formed by integrating different moral consciousness concepts, moral value orientation and moral ethical notion. Aiming at serving for social public interest, motivated by volunteer spirit, moral integration of NGOs carries out many kinds of moral practical activities to guide social value orientation in order to promote the realization of a united, harmonious social ethics order. This kind of moral integration has such basic features as non-mandatory of manner, intrinsic and self-discipline of behavior, extensiveness of range and uniqueness of effect.In China, activities of NGOs are mainly in fields of culture and education, professions, social services, hygiene and health, initiation, developments, charity and environmental protection. Moral integration function is obviously manifested from these fields mainly in form of helping the weak, proposing ecology environmental protection, nurturing civil moral, advancing democracy politics development, creating social capital and so on. Meanwhile, proposing humanity and fairness, advancing the harmonious relationships between human beings and nature, promoting moral qualities of citizens, pursuing effective government management, strengthening social competition ability are value orientations of moral integration of NGOs. The public and volunteer spirits demonstrated in the above acts of NGOs set a leading moral example for the other social members. The moral example provided by them can establish a series of noble goals of moral value in the society, which hence effectively motivates and facilitates the progress of social moral and civilization.Powerful moral integration functions of NGOs are fulfilled by some channels and manners. According to the behavior features of NGOs, educating and training, normalizing and restricting, proposing and guiding, inspiring and punishing towards employees are distinctive and effective methods for NGOs to fulfill moral integration. Contrast to moral integration of government department, daily life of integration contents, closeness of integration process, flexibility of integration manner and low-cost of integration effect are prominent superiority of moral integration of NGOs. In every period of the development of society, there is an appropriate integration system correspondently. Moral integration of NGOs is a social integration subject which has evolved from "single subject of government" to "double subjects of government-society". Integration manner evolves from single administration integration manner to plural manners of administration, law and moral. Promoting superiority of moral integration of NGOs is an inexorable trend of development of our society.The developments of NGOs are negatively influenced and moral integration is not effectively fulfilled because of congenital deficiency of NGOs in independency, volunteer property, non-profit, credibility, and mobilization ability. What's more, deviation of people's thoughts, imperfect government management system, law system and supervision system are the causes. In order to fulfill healthy development of NGOs and fully develop moral integration function, we should amplify market economy system, accelerate government organization reform, perfect NGOs legislation, optimize public opinion environment and social supervision system, cultivate modern civil culture and strengthen self-construction ability of NGOs in order to eliminate step by step the external and internal factors which influence and restrict the functions of NGOs moral integration, making these moral sources contained in the folk society to spread out tremendous moral energy.
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