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Studies On The Conflict Of Chinese Social Security System Since Reform And Opening

Posted on:2010-06-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360272498604Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Since reform and opening up,following our country the social and political reform , conflicts have also become increasingly prominent problem, focus on performance in the social gap between rich and poor, urban and rural economic and social development gap, social inequity increase in urban and rural residents in the old-age pension, employment, medical care, and other people's livelihood security increasingly facing greater risks and tests and so on. In order to solve these social problems in easing social conflicts, the Government introduced the appropriate social security policy is imperative. However, due to various constraints, the internal policies of China's social security, social security policy and other economic and social policies did not link up well. Policy not only the goal of offering protection and not a good implementation, but also caused a lot of conflicting policy itself. At present, China's social security policy conflicts mainly manifested in the following areas:First, the social security policy-making process there is a heavier "official standard" idea, to the neglect of Marx said socialism should implement the concept of equality.Second, China's social security policy-making process there has been a "headache medicine gap" and "matter-based" thinking, and less consideration of social security policy formulation and implementation of the entire economic and social development of the long-term consequences.Third, the social security policy settings in the project when there is a policy conflict between the various social security and project co-ordination between the internal.Fourth, the formulation of social policy more on maintaining social stability as the starting point, rather than to defend the basic social justice as the core measure of value. Cause the policy itself and the actual needs of society there is still a gap between.Fifth, the Government's lack of social security policies to promote the development of clear thinking, the whole country a multi-level social security system have not been completely set up.China's social security policy led to a lot of disharmony in the negative social effects: it undermines the basic social principles of fairness and justice; delayed the healthy development of the socialist economy; society caused the widening gap between rich and poor; restrictions and the security system The overall docking; cause a substantial long-term accumulation of social contradictions and so on.Cause of China's social security policies and conditions of the causes of conflict are multi-faceted together so there is some main areas:First of all, our country's social security policy is most concerned about economic issues, less concerned about social issues, resulting in substantial social contradictions are not effective and timely solution.Secondly, China's social security policy formulation and implementation of the neglect of people's subjectivity and initiative, to the neglect of the people involved in democratic development and scientific planning, making the social security policy-making is difficult to reflect the interests of social groups and demand, it is difficult to reflect the vast number of the people's will and interests.Third, China's social security policy in the development process, lack of urban-rural dual economic structure of the quality of people's differences, differences in social structure, differences in economic conditions, cultural differences in psychological depth analysis, with the result that the conflict between urban and rural areas security policy questions serious.Finally, the Chinese social security policy formulation and implementation process by traditional culture, especially the traditional "official standard" cultural idea of the impact of social security policy making in the formulation and implementation process of the prevalence of deviations from the policy objective situation.We should stand on the position of Marxism, from the people and society all-round development of the highly re-examine these policies conflict. To the contradiction between the universality of Marxist theory and social conflict theory, on the one hand, want to transform the concept of social security policies, adhere to the people-centered values, and abandon the "official standard", "incident-based" idea; On the other hand, want the Government to determine a reasonable and the market in social security policy development and implementation of duty status, social security policies on all aspects of a comprehensive consideration. At the same time, we have from the social security policy-making process to start, improve policy scientific and democratic, the rule of law degree, from the fundamental policy on the conflict put an end to the formation of questions...
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