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Multilateral Diplomacy During The Cold War The Surrounding Area. Study

Posted on:2009-06-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360272959253Subject:International politics
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China is emerging as new regional great power. Based on rapid economic development, China has built up comprehensive national power since Reform and Open. China also moves away from hitherto lukewarm stance, which is reluctant to explicitly support multilateralism and regional cooperation. Now, it appears proactive in cooperation with other regional countries in economy, security and military area. Along with Chinese comprehensive national power enhancement and in international affairs' influence enlargement, various interests of the friction and the emergence of China threat theory is also the obvious reality.One of the main points that can guess what the China's future will be comes to the matter whether China will join actively to the international community following international system, order and standard or stay as a free passenger bringing about international instability. In other words, a rapidly rising China, the future is to become a cooperative, peaceful country, or to challenge the status quo of the country, in theory and practice of both countries and caused controversy. From the perspective of the neighboring countries, China Rises can be called both opportunities and threats. The power balance reorganization and so on a series of arguments, becomes the academic circle an important topic. In other words, the rise of China for the 21st century what the impact of the international situation in reality is a major issue.Actually it isn't realistic as well as suitable to simplify China as a threatening group or an opportunity factor. Considering the situations: globalization on economy, political multipolarization and global problems, the emergence of powerful China is not a threat but an opportunity. Especially in the economic field, in the treatment of China's growing international status and Asia, all countries in the world efforts to improve relations with China. It can be said, through the China's economic development, the world economics also develop and obtain the benefit, therefore, China Rises is one kind of opportunity. Similarly, in the political and diplomatic field, China has increasingly become a responsible member of international community. Also, China is efforts to maintain peace and stability of international community. In this point, the important issue is not only China will join actively international organizations and get the profits only but also it will comply with the obligations that come in principle with profits. In the post-Cold War era, the multilateral diplomacy is in a China's diplomatic strategy key point, but also is in a Chinese diplomacy indispensable part.Asia is a necessary stronghold for China to be a new world power and also includes important regional countries to spread bilateral diplomacy and regional cooperation. There are 10 countries in Southeast Asia to engaged in ASEAN. You could say that the whole Asia is in it if you added ASEAN+3 in which Korea, Japan and China actively participate. The great powers such like America, Japan, China and Russia including South and North Korea are attending the Six-Party Talks. Moreover four nations in Central Asia including Russia are attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in which Mongolia, India, Pakistan and Iran are also attending as observers. The seven countries including India are taking part in South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC) in which Japan, Korea, America and EU including China are joining as observers. Because the regional cooperation organizations in which China participates include major regional countries, it can be said, China's multilateral diplomacy already became China in the peripheral locality, especially Asian area diplomatic indispensable important means.At this point, this thesis will look further at Multilateral Diplomacy emerging an important factor in China's foreign diplomatic strategy after Post-Cold War period. Especially in this thesis, I'd like to deal with regional hot issues and regional cooperation organizations in Asia, the most important region, in which China can play a key role to get the national interests and influence directly to others.
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