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Cadre System "people-oriented" Concept Study

Posted on:2010-01-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360275958485Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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Scientific cadre system is the basic guarantee to construct a high-quality contingent of cadres. Deepening the reform of cadre system and training a large number of talented people are the organizational guarantee to improve the Party's leadership and fundamental driving force to unceasingly promote the development of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Presently, domestic academic circle primarily focuses on the technical analysis, empirical research and concrete item's study situation on the issue of cadre system. This thesis starts the research from the perspective of people-oriented idea, instructs and propels its reform and innovation from realizing the masses' interests and promoting people's all-round development.For the issue of people-oriented idea in cadre system, the paper gradually carries on the research in accordance with the mentality of"what, why, how and how to do". This paper is divided into five chapters. The first and the second chapter are the theoretical basis for the full text's argument, which mainly solve the problem why we must emphasize people-oriented idea in cadres and what is people-oriented idea in the cadre system. The third and the fourth chapter are the practical basis, which analyze the manifestation and implementation condition about people-oriented idea in cadre system from historical and realistic angle and reply the question of"how". The fifth chapter is the purpose of argument. Its main argument is how to carry on institutional reform and innovation of cadre system unceasingly centering on the core concept of people-oriented idea.The first chapter mainly makes elaboration on the origin and evolution of people-oriented idea. This idea has rich thought origin including the"people-based theory"in ancient China and western thinking of humanism and humanitarianism. Marx promulgates person's essence scientifically, promotes and forms people-oriented idea in the practical process of leading proletariat revolutionary basing on the critique inherits and absorbs of existing people-based thought in the world history of civilization. People-oriented idea of Marxism is an opening and developing system. Under the leadership of Marxism, in the process of realizing communist ideal, the Communist Party of China unceasingly combines Marxist's people-oriented idea with China's revolution, construction and reform practice, and enriches and develops its content. All the following thinking is the embodiment of the idea's innovation and development in China: Party's goal of serving the people wholeheartedly, theory of socialist essence,"The Three Represents"thoughts, ruling idea for serving the people, scientific development concept based on people-oriented idea, and so on.The second chapter mainly defines the basic connotation of people-oriented thinking in the cadre system and points out explicitly that people-oriented idea are cadre system's value orientation in its construction. Scientific carder system is the guarantee to construct a cadre system of high quality. The basic connotation primarily contains three aspects: construct a contingent of cadres who takes broad masses as basis and serves for people wholeheartedly; construct a capably, effective, and honest contingent of cadres who takes the cadre community as basis; construct a dynamic contingent of cadres who takes the cadre individual as basis. These three aspects are not parallel but separate mutually and they are complementary and organically unified. According to the basic meaning of the people-oriented idea, we can know that it is the value orientation of cadre system construction and the people-oriented concept specifically manifests one kind of core idea, ultimate objective and evaluation criteria. The third chapter mainly carried out historical review on cadre system from people-oriented perspective. Since its establishment, The Communist Party of China has unceasingly explored and practiced to accomplish a high-quality contingent of cadres through the establishment of scientific cadre system. During this process, we have established several cadre systems manifesting the people-oriented idea, but also have undergone lessons and setbacks by violating it. Through summaries on both positive and negative experiences and lessons in the building of the Party's cadre system, we can find out that the construction has a healthy development whenever we insisted the people-oriented idea; otherwise, deviations and errors appeared. Therefore, we must always insist this idea owns as the value orientation in the building of Party's cadre system.The fourth chapter mainly carries on the analysis about cadre system's present situation under the guidance of people-oriented idea. Presently, we have made certain progress in Party's cadre system practice of realizing people-oriented idea which has guaranteed the cadre troop's healthy development. But, in the cadre system there are still existing problems like flaws and insufficiencies which chiefly manifests in the following aspects: the democratization degree is not high in the assignment mechanism, the effective competition is not strong in the selection mechanism, the development function is not sufficient in the education mechanism, the flexibility is insufficient in the stimulation and safeguard mechanism, the dynamics is insufficient in the supervision mechanism, and so on. To a certain extent, these problems and insufficiencies bring some influences to the construction of our Party's cadre troop which centralized manifest in these aspects: the cadre individual lacks vitality, the overall quality of cadre troop does not adapt the need of economic and social development, and there are also some unhealthy tendencies repeatedly in the contingent. The fifth chapter makes the exploration on the basic mentality that how to insist and manifest people-oriented idea in the reform of cadre system.In view of the existing problems and relevant analysis for reasons, we will mainly carry on the exploration from the following several aspects regarding people-oriented idea. We have to establish democratic, open mechanism for selecting and appointing cadre which can guarantee a good selection. We have to establish competitive, flowing-like survival mechanism which can strengthen the cadres'vitality. We have to establish personalized, development-like educational system which can continuously improve cadres'overall quality. We have to establish multi-level, active stimulation system which can unearth the cadre's potential fully. We have to establish all-round powerful supervision system which can ensure that cadres will utilize their power correctly.In brief, people-oriented idea is the value orientation in the construction of cadre system. Our cadre system construction must always take this concept as guidance, carry on reform and innovation unceasingly, moderately transform people-oriented idea into concrete reality system at the right moment, and effectively establish a democratic, scientific and institutional cadre system.
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