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Study On The Quality And Deveplopment Of Xinjiang Rural Labor Women

Posted on:2010-11-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360275987890Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Xinjiang is a national minority area, is also the economical relative backwardness area, in the western big development, our area rural labor women is playing the main army role, but rural women's quality and the development present situation are unoptimistic, this research through the profound understanding and the objective evaluation Xinjiang rural labor women's quality condition and the existence question, proposed the way method and the policy suggested that through improves own quality, thus since has enabled the rural labor women also to share China reform and open policy the economic growth achievement.This study uses empirical research and norms of combining research, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis ,the micro and macro analysis of integration.And it is the first time that status of the quality of rural labor women in Xinjiang is proposed comprehensively and systematically.This article elaborated studies the Xinjiang rural labor women quality question the significance, proposed this article innovation and the insufficiency, by the population theory, the sex and the development theory, the human capital theory and the agricultural economics theory take the entire research work's rationale. Through the statistical data and the real diagnosis cruising data, has analyzed the Xinjiang rural labor women's physical quality, the culture and education quality and the technical quality condition, arrives at the spot from the surface, analogizes the individuality characteristic from the general character. This research discovered: The rural labor women's physical quality enhances along with the economic development level also along with it enhancement, but food consumption pattern, the health resource distribution still has the big disparity between the city and rural, the interzone development is not balanced, the far away poor area's woman reproductive health condition is unoptimistic; The culture and education quality condition aspect, the female is improved the educational level overall, and the men and women are not big in the primary education stage difference, but along with the education level's enhancement, the male is educated the opportunity is bigger than the female, the female the education level to the newly married age, is initially nurtured the age and the children counts has the degree different influence; The technical quality aspect, the rural labor women scientific accomplishment distinct enhancement, creates income project quantity to increase year by year, the becoming rich way further expands, but also has the overall technical quality not to be able to follow the rate of economic development the question. Based on above, this article according to domestic and foreign, the area inside and outside successful experiences, is safeguarding the rural women to participate in the economic decision-making fairly, reduces the men and women gradually in the economic domain and the policy-making difference, reduced the men and women to educate the disparity, to enhance rural women's science and culture quality as well as safeguards woman body, mental and social adaptation aspects and so on completely healthy condition proposed the countermeasure and the suggestion, thus to further promote the rural labor women quality, promoted the new rural reconstruction, the cultivation new peasant to provide the theory suggestion to the government.
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