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The Research Of Legal Issuse On Employment Of Rural Labor Transfer In Hubei Province

Posted on:2011-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The phenomenon of rural labor employment transfer is resulted from the development of social productive force, it is the regional mobility of human resource which is the result of agricultural efficiency benefits driven by industrial and service sectors. The issue of rural labor employment transfer not only related to China's "three rural" issue resolving, the country's economic development and social stability, but also has become a strategic, global and important issues influencing China's economic.China has vast territory, but the development of economic and social in rural areas is unbalance. For each specific area, due to the special situation in the province, the influencing factors of rural labor employment transfer are different. We should resolve the issue of the. transfer of rural labor employment according to local conditions. Hubei Province, As a labor-exporting province, there are a large number of rural labors in Hubei Province get their jobs in other places. The income from this way has been a major part of the farmer's whole income. However, the large population and low quality of the labor in Hubei largely restrict the continued development of rural labor employment, it's not so good to rural and the development of agriculture, as well as the solution of Hubei's "three rural" issue. This article is about the transfer of rural laborers in Hubei Province of employment. The main aims of the article are:Analyze the present situation of Hubei's rural labor transfer, using qualitative and quantitative method to research the main legal issues affect it, presents the law system perfecting it and the specific countermeasures improving it.In the research, the authors started with the basic theory of rural labor employment transfer. This section is mainly on the employment transfer of legal theory, economic management, sociology, we elaborate the the feasibility and necessity of rural labor employment transfer from theoretical aspects, and then definite the meaning, role, significance and objectives of it.Second, we researched the background and Empirical Analysis of Huibei's rural labor employment transfer. Combined the background of history and reality in rural areas of Hubei Province, we discussed the necessity of Huibei's rural labor employment transfer. From the reality of Huibei's socio-economic and rural development, we analyzed the present situation and the main legal issues using qualitative method. We analyzed the main legal issues in the process of Huibei's rural labor employment transfer major from the following aspects:the employment of labor market regulations, it's education, training, employment rights protection and resolving of disputes in employment.Then, on the basic of the discussing and analyzing on the successful experiences of other countries and other parts of China's employment of rural labor transfer, according to the actual situation in Hubei Province, the paper condensed out of the conceptive model can learned, lessons learned and the system specifications. The research offered realistic basis for the perfecting of legal system and measure proposed of rural labor employment transfer.Finally, according to theoretical and realistic basis, we proposed the specific countermeasures on perfecting the legal system and improving the employment of rural labor. Including the aims and principles of the transfer of rural labor employment, the perfecting of system, especially the specific countermeasures on China's rural labor employment transfer, it can ensure the sustainable development of the rural labor employment transfer in China.
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