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Research On The Employment Of Rural Women Of Li Of Hainan In China

Posted on:2020-04-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1366330602494825Subject:Labor economics
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At present,China is in a critical stages of economic transformation,shifting gears and huge employment pressure,and which appear the "shortage”and"surplus" of labor,the phenomenon of "difficult employment" and "shortage of employment" in the labor market.Reports of employment discrimination are common in the media,such as ethnic,gender and household;and more and more discussions on the employment quality of workers,migrant workers,college graduates et al;minorities are often discussed in the weak position of the labor market,so it is of great significance to further release the labor dividend to tap the potential of rural surplus labor force in minority areas.The Li mainly lives in Hainan,is the most populous ethnic minority in the southernmost part of China.Their employment problem is also a microcosm of the employment problem of ethnic minorities in the whole country.The author lives in Hainan and pays close attention to the employment problem in the rural areas of Li for a long time.This paper chooses rural women of Li as the research object,starting from the historical perspective of the division of labor and gender,and gradually carries out the research from the perspectives of employment distribution,employment quality evaluation and so on.In terms of methodology,it makes comprehensive use of literature research,qualitative and quantitative research,and case study,which can make a more thorough analysis of the employment problem of rural women of Li,the employment problem of rural women of Li was discussed in depth from the surface to the inner strata in the structural arrangement.This paper reviews the literature on women's employment at home and abroad,and finds that most of the previous studies focused on women and ethnic minority women's employment discrimination,employment quality and employment influencing factors,while the literature on women's employment in rural areas of Li is rare.The total population of Li is over one million,and the employment of rural women deserves further study.Therefore,on the basis of literature review,this paper combs out the theory of division of labor,human capital theory,gender equality theory and other theories of economic,sociology and other disciplines to provide theoretical support for this article.The research focuses on the core of the employment problems of rural women of Li,such as the change of gender division of labor,the impact of employment distribution,and the evaluation of employment quality.From the origin of the Li as a starting point to explore the changes in the division of labor among women of the Li.The study found that before liberation,there were taboos on gender division of labor among Li women in agricultural production,and the custom of "men do not help women,women do not help men" in agricultural activities.Li women were distributed in social organizations,handicraft industry,commerce,agriculture and so on.After liberation,the division of labor and gender in agricultural production of the Li gradually disappeared,and like other ethnic group,was widely distributed in all industry,but mainly in agriculture.Through further analysis of the employment structure of rural women of Li,it is found that the employment of rural women of Li is mainly in the primary industry,and the trend of transferring to the secondary and tertiary industries is obvious,showing a diversified employment pattern mainly in agriculture,accommodation and catering,and residential services;the impact of employment decision-making is gradually shifting from economic income to comprehensive development.The distribution of female employment in rural areas of Li(based on rubber economy as an example)is influenced by factors such as the price of agricultural products,the system of production and operation,and the efficiency of production tools.In order to analyze the employment of rural women of Li from a more microcosmic level,the evaluation index of employment quality of rural women of Li was constructed and compared by ethnic groups and gender.The results showed that the evaluation score of employment quality of rural women of Li was lower than that of rural men of Li,rural women of Han and rural men of Han.The main reasons for the low employment quality score of Li rural women are low income satisfaction,low rate of medical insurance ownership and low chance of charging and learning.In addition,age,educational level,working experience,employment department,number of children,contracted land and other six factors have significant impact on the employment quality of rural women of Li.In order to further explain the employment problem of rural women of Li,through the analysis of village and individual cases,it is found that the taboo of gender division of labor in farming activities of Li has slowly faded away,replaced by sharing and cooperating to complete farming activities;there is still a phenomenon of gender division of labor in some areas,but it is no longer a custom contracted by agreement,and the taboo of gender division of labor in farming activities of Li has been replaced by the taboo of sharing and cooperating with each other.It is an excuse for men to transfer some farming activities to women;the employment of rural women of Li is also affected by factors such as family labor allocation and division,personal development and economic income.There are many factors affecting the employment of rural women of Li.Therefore,it is necessary to find a breakthrough point in promoting employment from the three levels of government,enterprises and individuals,so as to form a new situation of promoting the employment of rural women of Li in a three-pronged and co-managed way.
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