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Studying On The Equipment Contingency Acquisition Risk Management

Posted on:2010-08-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360302995275Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Weapon Equipment acquisition is complicated system engineering, all kinds of risk accompanies all the life-cycle, contingency acquisition risk is especially abnormality hard to control. The amount on risk identification and assess information directly affects the project of Weapon Equipment and extent of economic loss. However, the risk of Weapon Equipment contingency acquisition is presentable and can be understand and controlled by people's research. So how to identify and assess risk better is up against the key of project.This paper studies deeply"behind schedule, spur spending, reduce guide line"of Weapon Equipment contingency acquisition, identification seven risk sources of equipment acquisition, requirement risk, technique risk, expenditure risk, time risk, ability risk, management risk and environment risk. Analyses the inner and outer complication by system dynamics method, establish risk integration management model for equipment acquisition. Risk management of Weapon Equipment contingency acquisition is elaborated in the paper through project management theories, risk management theories, and equipment acquisition management theories.By the research of the Weapon Equipment contingency acquisition risk identification, the paper lists the risk identifications scheme for equipment acquisition life-cycle. Analyses risk probability of ever stage, the aftereffect and the dynamic identity, establish the life-cycle risk assessment guideline system of weapon equipment contingency acquisition. List the methods of risk assessment for weapon equipment contingency acquisition. The risk status is well-know by the researcher. At the same time, model and elude strategy for various risk is put forwarded. In the end, the paper emphasizes on the viable methods------FAHP and Artificial Neural Network, and then it analyzes some missile contingency acquisition project by the method. Results indicate essential of the risk management in the contingency acquisition project.
Keywords/Search Tags:Weapon Equipment, Contingency Acquisition, Risk Management, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Life-Cycle
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