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The Research About Risk Of Project Management And Its Method Of Analysis And Assessment

Posted on:2006-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F QiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155471366Subject:Business management
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The application of the management of project has expanded rapidly from the field in the architecture, the national defense and the space navigation and so on in the 80s of last century to field of the computer, electron communication and finance industry even the government department today. The project management is a new knowledge that developed in the 90s of last century has become an important branch of the contemporary management science. The business circles in the world have put much value on it. The project management has developed from the management science and technical economics as a new science theory and has scores of years of history. The management of risk is indispensable in the project management. It is a whole set of techniques to solve these problems generated from the uncertainty. The venture management was applied in these fields such as technique risk, the quality risk of facility, the reliability of the engineering, the mining, the maintenance and renewal of facilities, the analysis in the reliability of the auto-maters, the decision making in the finance and economy. It was applied in the management of project in recent years. So far, the researcher findings in our country are much aimed at a certain specific research of risk, such as "the risk analysis in the investment of the Three Gorges Project and the research of it's theory method", "the research in theory and method of exchange rate in the investment project", and so on. They are lack in the system analysis in the project risk. But as a manager of the project, you should control the risk in the project successfully in order to succeed in the project. In other words, you should research and emphasize particularly on the different risk in the different phases and excogitate the methods to keep away the risk .By these methods these loses can be reduced to zero, the project can be succeed and the output can produce the best possible results. In the contemporary era, the project management and the method of evolution in the project management have developed relatively into maturity, but as a important branch the research about the risk management in the project is in immaturity. At the same time, the research in the finance risk is in relatively maturity. As a result, I try to integrate the two different methods in the two fields by the basis of the computer information system management to research deeply in the method and model of the risk management in the project management. At first, the thesis starts from the traditional methods in risk process management and expatiate on the theory of the risk management. They expatiate particle on the traditional theory of risk management in the project and the process management theory in the risk management in the IT project system management. They contrast simply with them and bring forward the common analysis frame in the project management in risk analysis and assessment in project risk management. Secondly, they introduce simply about the theory of the risk management in finance and the feasibility to use the theory VAR(value at risk) to analysis and prove the project risk management. They attempt to integrate the theory and method in the finance risk management into the system of the risk management in the project management. By that, they try to found a new ideology to survey the risk management in the project management and demonstrate the mathematics model. At last, the thesis point out the further direction and the trend of the thesis on the basis of a great amount of literature and data about the and the problems those exist in the application in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:the system analysis and assessment of the risk in the project management, VAR(Value At Risk), the life cycle of the project, lose function, PAR(Project At Risk)
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