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Research On The Risk Management Of Policing Of Weihai Public Security Bureau

Posted on:2017-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330533468892Subject:Project management
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Risk permeates everywhere in real world,and is essential to every human activities.In effect,risk management becomes the focus of research in many fields.The work of police and its organization is basically intended to maintain the social order,curb crime,protect the people’s property and life safety,and safeguard the stability and unity of nation.All of them contribute to the high danger of police’s work.This risk of police work has always greatly impacted the development of our country’s system of public security.In order to play a better role for their work,the police need to address the risks of their own safety,that is,the police risk.It is imminent to identify and control this type of risk and to decrease the police exposure to this risk.Based on the existing research inside and outside China,and combined with the risk management theory,this thesis try to identify and analyze the risks associated with the practice of Weihai public security bureau by use of expert investigation method.Owing to the complexity,diversity,stratification,and fuzziness of risk factors in the work of Weihai public security bureau,the thesis will use AHP-Fuzziness comprehensive method to evaluate all of these risk factors,and to further develop the risk coping strategy.Through the analysis,the thesis is aimed to introduce the concept of police risk into the practices of police work,to strengthen the awareness of risk management,to decrease the exposure of police to risk,and to develop an effective risk strategy.The thesis makes a research on the polic risk of Weihai Public Security Bureau in the perspective of risk management,which demonstrates the necessity of the brought of risk analysis into the field of police risk of Weihai Public Security Bureau.The thesis provides a systematic and scientific solution to the risk management of Weihai public security bureau.It provides a scientific and effective inspiration and reference for reducing the loss caused by the risk of police and improving the efficiency and quality of police of Weihai Public Security Bureau.
Keywords/Search Tags:police risk, risk management, risk identification, risk assessment
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