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Study Of Supply Chain Risk Identification, Assessment, Integration Risk Management Based On SCOR

Posted on:2006-03-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152985979Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The supply chain(SC) can be regarded as a cooperative and dynamic network that focal corporate structured cross enterprises, department and culture, which are linked together from suppliers' suppliers to customers' customers and end user, a connected series of activities which concerned with materials purchasing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution by the flow of goods and information. Based on current literatures, it is found that the available method is rarely to identify, assess supply chain risk (SCR) specially and systematically; it is lack of special and systematical way for supply chain risk management (SCRM); by enterprise interview and questionnaire, we realize that supply chain members' risk awareness is very little, and supply chain members know nothing of SCR; in fact, the enterprises are thirst for supply chain risk management theory, and hope to acquire guidance of supply chain risk management theory. However, very little literature on risk management has focused on SCR. Therefore, the dissertation will choose the thesis of SCR to try to research.This dissertation consists of 1) introduction, 2) a literature theories overview, 3)a review of supply chain ,4)supply chain risk identifying based on SCOR,5) supply chain risk assessing, 6) supply chain risk integrating management based on SCOR,7) summary and expectation.In Chapter 1, the history of study on SCR and SCRM in China and abroad are extensively reviewed, and the theoretical and practical background for the dissertation is introduced briefly.In Chapter 2, relevant literatures on SC, supply chain structure and characteristic, supply chain management, performance measure of supply chain management, SCOR, rough set and cooperative game are comprehensively reviewed. It has been found that it is a very new research area to study supply chain risk.The Chapter 3 focuses on supply chain risk management process. An analytic framework of supply chain risk management based on SCOR issuggested based on previous literature. Furthermore, based on the characteristics of SC, the analytic framework consists of risk strategy, risk identification, risk assessment, risk control and risk feedback, which can establish an organic linkage among them by revise and correct.In Chapter 4, 8 key risk factors and 39 variables in SC are found out by empirical study, in which include 2 uncontrollable factors and 6 controllable factors. This reveals the significance of SCR fully.In Chapter 5, according to 8 key risk factors and 39 variables founded in SC, indexes of supply chain risk assessment are set. Moreover, with the combination of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and weighing method based on rough sets, the weights of every risk factor and the consequence measure, the probabilities of risk factors generation, levels of whole supply chain risk and supply chain liability, and the levels of risk consequences are calculated and evaluated.In Chapter 6, according to the analyses results mentioned above, it is suggested a managerial framework of integration risk management in SC based on cooperative game and the hierarchical control ideology. It comprises goals, culture, organization, process, hierarchical control mechanism and information system of integration risk management in SC. Furthermore, on the basis of cooperative game. Mechanisms of gains distribution and cost share are built. Author's practices show that integration risk management in SC is effective and efficient.Finally, in Chapter 7, we conclude our study and point out some further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:SC, SCM, SCMR, Risk Factors Identification, Risk Assessment, Integration Risk Management
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