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A Study On The Country Female Teachers' Career Course Of Development From Gender Perspective

Posted on:2011-08-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117330332972433Subject:Principles of Education
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We are in a social period of historical transition. Those changes do not only impact a certain area, but also spread into every corner in the world. We can feel the drastic changes in the society of cultural transition. In this social environment, people do not know what to do. Because the primary background of living is broken by the modernism in the world, people lose the intrinsic supports. The field of education is also impacted by the transition of society. What is the value system and lifestyle for female teachers in rural area? How do the traditional gender concepts impact the career development for female teachers in rural area? How do the female teachers in rural area show their personal wisdom in teaching career? How do the female teachers in rural area realize the career development in a complex social environment?Researcher traces the personal history of living for a few female teachers in rural area, in order to know the condition of career development. Through the dilemmas and meaning of career development, researcher expects to provide some tactics for those teachers. It is full of sympathy and respect to the female teachers in rural area, because the researcher finishes her elementary and middle school in rural area. Researcher know the hardship and helpless of those teachers, because the social gender and gender right make female teachers in weakness. Through the ingoing research, researcher is affected by female teachers. After the career development of female teachers in rural area is fixed as a research theme, some memories are survived in the mind. The specific experiences of those female teachers are not obvious, so the researcher has to take a new look at memories according to the change of society.The dissertation is a case study of five female teachers in Sanxing middle school, which is the high school for researcher. Those five teachers are or were teaching there. There are two clues in the research. The exposed clue is the history of living, and the hidden clue is the career developments of profession. Through the meaning the career developments of profession, research explores how social gender impacts the career life. Once the male right is established as a center power, the female right will be lost absolutely. It is key factor to establish a female right, in order to change the social position for female. Female teachers are subordinate both in school and family, so they are lack of subjectivity all the time. Base on the literature and survey research, the dissertation reveals some problems about social gender in the rural area. For example, how does the social gender impact gender view for female teachers in rural area? How does the social gender affect the career development of those teachers? How does the social gender cause the lost of subjectivity for female teachers in rural area? Researcher analyses the reason for the lost of subjectivity and reconstruct the subjectivity for female teachers in rural area.Through the personal history of living, this dissertation reveals the contradiction and philosophy in educational life for female teachers in rural area. This paper uses life narrative, interview, field observation and dairy analysis as main research ways. It emphasizes the subjective meaning for personal action, in order to show the advantages of narrative research. The perspective of gender is not mentioned in the research of career development for teachers, especially for female teachers. That is why the researcher selects social gender as a research point. Therefore, it is a best way to know the meaning of female teachers through the real experience and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social Gender, Female Teacher in Rural Area, Career Development, Personal History of Living, Mainstream of Social Gender
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