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Study On The Construction Of Board Of Directors Governance System About Public University

Posted on:2013-02-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The university board system is an important part of modern university system. Establish and perfect the system of Board of Regents of university is the essential part of building a modern university system with Chinese characteristics education. The Education Plan pointed out:need to "explore the establishment Council or the Board of Regents of Higher School and perfect persistent effect mechanism of social supporting and supervisioning of school development." How to establish China characteristic university Board of Regents (Council) system are the state and social hot issues of mutual concern. And few researchers research in-depth on how to establish and perfect the university Board of Regents (especially public university Board of Regents). Based on stakeholder theory perspective, analysis in-depth of how to establish China characteristic university board system (Council) by drawing lessons from foreign experience.The board of Regents system of the university is one kind of the board of Regents. The board of Regents system firstly developed and matured in the enterprise. Establish and perfect the system of board of Regents of university, need draws lessons of practical experience and research results from the board of Regents system of enterprise. The board of Regents system of university originated from the United States, and draw on a wide range by other countries.The university Board of Regents of our country transplanted from Western university in the nineteen twenties. Before liberation, the university of the government of the Republic of China and the national government has been widely implemented the system of Board of Regents. After the liberation, the university Board of Regents was cancelled. After the reform and opening up, with the deepening of economic reform, the system of Board of Regents began to join the university Law. In1987Shantou University established a Board of Regents, driving numerous Universities establishing the Board of Regents. But the Chinese university's Board of Regents, especially public university Board of Regents has not touched the university rigid system. The university's Board of Regents, in addition to the individual, is not the university administration, and did not play its due role.University Board of Regents should be governed by whom? What is its theory foundation? This study takes the theory of stakeholder as university board governance theory. The stakeholder theory think that university stakeholders are people or groups who can influence the university behavior, decision-making, activity or goal, and also be influenced by the act, decision, policy, activity or goal of the university. University governance of Board of Regents should attach importance to university stakeholders in the university strategy analysis, planning and implementation of management activities, and attach importance to stakeholder involvement in the University board governance. The university stakeholders are divided into internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. Students, The University internal Academic staff, administrative staff and students are the core stakeholders of university. The government, enterprise and university alumni are important stakeholders. This study analyzes the stakeholders involved in university Board of Regents governance rationality, and analyzes the development of their powers.By the research of Board of Regents or Council of the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and the Hong Kong's University, this research found each Country University set up the Board of Regents or Council as the university governance mechanism, absorbing a large number of outer person, teachers, administrators and students' participating in university Board of Regents or Council governance. Shared governance is the university Board of Regents (Council) governance common characteristics. But different countries Board of Regents (Council) governance are not identical each other, each has distinguishing feature. The position of board in university in different country is not the same. The Board of Regents or Council in the United States, Britain and Hong Kong is the highest authority in university. And the strength of extracurricular participation university is big. Germany's board of directors is the university's administrative mechanism; the University council is supervision mechanism. The Council in Japanese University, similar with the German the university's Council, is a consideration of supervision mechanism of university. The extracurricular power in university governance is limited in Germany and the Japanese University. Some extracurricular personnel accounted for an absolute majority, few school staff involved; some extracurricular personnel accounted for a relative majority, large school staff has been absorbed into the Board of Regents (Council).University Board of Regents or Council is one important institutions of the university governance. University need to change from traditional regulation to governance. University Board of Regents or Council governance is the most effective governance of university. The Board of Regents (Council) members does not involve in the day-to-day management of the University. This can effectively prevent the university administrative staff of immoral behavior, and improve the efficiency of University, especially has important significance to the current university "orientation to the administration ".The board of directors is an important component of the university governance structure of. Establishing the system of board of directors should first clear the position and role of the board in the university governance structure. Establishing the system of board of directors cannot evasive the current system of president responsibility under the leadership of the Party committee. Possible routes have two:One is to establish the system of board of directors, and take the governance model of "the board oversee-the Party committee lead-the president responsible". One is to establish the Council system, and take the governance model of "the Party committee lead-the president responsible-the Council to oversee.The establishing of Board of Regents or Council system with Chinese characteristics should think national conditions, such as:the uniqueness of university funding source, the uniqueness of the university nature.
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