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The Strategy Research For Chinese Basketball Professionalism Of Sustainable Development

Posted on:2002-04-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Under the condition of Chinese social market economy, there is not thing that basketball professionalism is practiced before Chinese history. The problems which were gave rise to is not only theory but also practice.Research purpose: From basing on analyzing the characteristic of basketball professionalism and present situation of Chinese basketball professionalism carefully, drawing lesson from the theoretic thought of sustainable development and the success experience of NBA, Laying down a series development strategy system which has Chinese characteristic, Wishing to provide the reference in theory and practice which is for reform and development of Chinese basketball professionalism. Research result:1) Basketball professionalism, It is that the players of high level who make much money for their families by basketball professionalism are main body. It takes the basketball club accords with the system of modern enterprise as basic organization. According the moving rule of market money, It participate in the social act of commerce and culture by taking advantage of the value of a high level basketball in commerce and culture. It is a sports model which is satisfied people as making money. Under condition of development highly in commodity economy and extending continuously of market of sport culture.2) Chinese professional basketball was pushed from above to below by government. It was for developing basketball, adapting economic structural reforms and following the world basketball trends. Its background was that the original network of three level training was destroyed, etc.3) The professional basketball of China and America has all professional league matches which spans two years. Their clubs all have management and income. But there are many differences between them. The fist, there is not only one letter but also the connotation between the two. The second, there are many other differences between the two. For example, the reasons for the basketball professionalism, form of basketball professionalism and framework of organization in basketball professionalism, etc.4) The course of American basketball professionalism development is not plain sailing. Its development had been accompanied by every kinds of contradiction. It went through five steps that is sprouting, founding, consolidating, consummating, and leaping. We think that its success is not occassional. It gives us some enlightenment.5) The basic connotation of Chinese basketball professionalism sustainable development is that it is the improvement of human being in the final analysis. People adjust actively the compound system which is composed of economic benefit, social befit and human resource, etc. People make it development coordinately, stably and sustainably, etc.6) Laying down an objective about Chinese basketball professionalism strategy of development sustainable development in 2010.7) If Chinese basketball professionalism want to realize the strategy target of sustainable development. It must elect the road of "advance gradually style...
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