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Research Into Change And Breeding Of Mass Examination

Posted on:2004-08-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M M YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360092493144Subject:Principles of Education
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For the past two decades, many developed countries around the world have attached great importance to the reform of mass examinations. This is because the rapid progress of science and technology, the increasing competition of national power among countries in the world and the development of economy and society have put new demands in terms of educating and choosing qualified personnel. Since 1979, China has been experiencing a transformation from an agricultural society into an industrial one. China's economy has merged into the global market. The rapid change of society has put greater challenge for national college entrance examinations and qualification tests in high schools. Therefore reform of examinations has become the focus of the society. This dissertation studies two mass kinds of examinations, namely qualification tests in high schools and national college entrance examinations. It reviews the historical development of mass examinations and explores their reform on the basis of establishing theory system of mass examinations. The author hopes that new principles of test reform will be established so that mass examinations can integrate into the state education system. Through specific education strategies students can develop their own unique personalities conforming to the needs of times.The dissertation consists of six chapters. The first chapter highlights the author's purpose, thoughts and methods of the writing. Chapter two, 'a survey of mass examinations ', accounts for the connotations, origins, types and the development of mass examinations. It reveals the relationship between training and teaching, examinations and education, and points out that mass examinations are good for constructing a rational structure of qualified personnel and achieving a better effect on education. Based on the study of China's imperial examination systems, the qualification tests in high schools in the Republic of China and the national college entrance examinations in socialist China, Chapter three, 'China's society progress and thehistorical development of mass examinations', makes it clear that the emerging of mass examinations is due to the need of training and selection of a large number of qualified personnel. It further indicates that society reform calls for reform of mass examinations. Then, in chapter four the author focuses his studies on qualification tests and college entrance examinations abroad on the basis of investigation of mass examinations policies in the United States, Britain, France, Japan and Taiwan. He concludes that the common trend in the future is the variety and practicability of examinations. The fifth chapter, 'the present situations of China's mass examinations', discusses reform strategies. The author holds that examinations should aim at making both secondary school education and college education have their own characteristics and good integration. During the practice of a mass examination, the whole society should be concerned with the education of people from various aspects such as test value, test preparation, test result and test reform so that the strategies of educating people by way of examinations can be carried out.Under the guidance of Marxist historical materialism, the author writes his dissertation through approaches such as using historical method, documents, information from visits and interviews, and personal working experience. Case study is a feature of the dissertation.
Keywords/Search Tags:mass examinations, reform of qualification tests in high schools and college entrance examinations, breeding
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