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Research On The Development Mode Of Sports Industry Investment Fund In China

Posted on:2001-12-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092960147Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In order to make the sports industry adapt to the development of the market economy and meet the need of state-owned enterprises reform and to find a new way to develop the sports industry under the new economy environment, through research methods of document, Delphi, logical analysis, mathematics, using basic principles and research methods of system economics, finance investment and comparative law, from a new view of the creation of sports finance tool, this dissertation puts forward "sports industry investment fund", discusses its development mode.Analyzing and comparing the development mode of the world investment fund, researching the internal relationship between the world sports industry, the world sports capital market and essence economy system and base law system, integrating China's reality, the paper demonstrates and puts forward the necessity, feasibility, restricting factors and basic principles of establishing Chinese sports industry investment fund from state economy industry structure adjustment and upgrade, the status of China's sports industry development, and development direction of sport market, design and establish the basic theory frame and development of Chinese sports industry. Conclusions are drawn as following:1 .Sports industry investment fund is a muster commission investment system of mainly investing stock-right in sports industry enterprises whose stocks have not been put into the market and providing management service. That is to say, through launching fund quotient to many investor, to establish sports industry investment fund company, to manage sports industry investment fund capital by fund-manager appointed by fund company and submitted, trust-administer sports industry investment fund capital by trust-fund trustee, engage sports carve out investment, sports enterprises reorganization investment, sports infrastructure construction investment. Both investment income and investment risk are shared by investors. 2.Any one foreign modes does not fit China, so only scientifically choosingorganization structure, variety creation, supervising management and government duty location can the development mode of Chinese sports industry investment fund be established that is suitable to China's practice. Therefore, the development mode of China's sports industry investment fund may be is : (1)established in form of company; (2)mainly established in the form of block out at the early stage, and developed into the form of opening; (3) strictly managed by law(4)examined and approved by government at the early stage, and managed by favorable tax and free tax at the later stage. 3.As a investment system of collect fund, experts management, muster investment and risk detracting, sports industry investment fund will play a important role in sports industry and economy development. Therefore, it is an important approach to making sports industry and sports industry investment fund coordinate well that utilizing the advantages of sports, investing into sports industry according to the investment mean of sports industry investment fund, so as to make the fund large and get the maximal profit.4.Nowdays, China's sports market is a market which mainly consists of sports fitness and recreation, sports contest and performance, sports training and consultation, and sports immateriality capital. It is changing into the market where sports lottery, sports goods, sports agency, sports tourism, and sports finance are also the parts of the market. The sports industry field is becoming wider and wider, and industry quality and industry benefit is becoming well. Social investment into sports industry develops fast; A lot of sports clubs, sports enterprises and enterprises groups which are managed by modern administration and have multi-owner have been established. The mechanism of capital gathering from multi-channel, multi-layer and multi-method that insures sports industry development has been established.From the macro point view, the use of sports industry investment fund benefits the incr...
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