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Research On The Effectiveness Of The Framework For Classroom Teaching Standards

Posted on:2005-01-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360122493631Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The logical thinking of this dissertation is like this: firstly, it raises the question "What kind of classroom teaching is effective?" and "How can we do to improve the classroom teaching effectiveness of all the school teachers and ourselves"? Followed the question is a description ofthe former studies to this question--the development and the current situation of this question.Then the author's own extensive exploration and inquiry comes along. Based on these are the constructions and the argumentations about the framework for classroom teaching and professional development of teachers by the author. At the end of the dissertation are the conclusions of the research.This dissertation includes six parts.Chapter One: the introduction deals with the motivation and the background of the research, including reasons why the topic had been chosen, processes of how the researcher focuses the research question, and the defining of some very important related concepts of the research. Research methods have also been stated in chapter one.Chapter Two is literature review. It gives a thorough description of the correspondent literature. When present the literature, the author has done some trimming work. In order that it is easier to present the abundant literatures, the author firstly divided them into two parts by the national boundary: domestic and overseas. After that, the literatures are introduced according to the theme and the perspectives they are connected to the topic of effective teaching. For the sake of providing an introduction to the researches done by Chinese in this area, this dissertation has adopted a combinational format acknowledging the various perspectives and development clew. By doing this, the author has tried best to find out the inconsistencies and problems exist in the former researches, which later become the breach of this research.Chapter Three is the author's own understanding of classroom teaching, it tries to answer this question: what happens inside classroom really? It analyzes the comprehensive factors that affect the effectiveness of classroom teaching, mainly the problems exist in classroom teaching in China and the passive factors that lead to the ineffective, poor or even negative effective teaching. The perspectives the author holds are drawn from observations to 34 classroom teaching periods video tape recorded without the teacher and the students knowing. It also gives a detailed introduction of sampling, video recording, and observation methods used in this research.Chapter Four is "the standards of classroom teaching effectiveness--an analyticalframework". This is a practical way this research put forwards to teachers. It is a combination of the new teaching philosophy and new theories of educational psychology, learning theories, and teaching methodologies. It can help teachers to enhance their professional practice as well as their teaching ability. The framework will be useful for all members of the profession, from those just entering, to veterans who may have lost their enthusiasm for their work, to master teachers who are trying to convey their wisdom to others. Educational trainers and administrators will also find it is useful for their work.Chapter Five is a pilot study done by the prove the effectiveness of the framework. Since the construction of the framework is mainly based on the understanding of the author to the effectiveness of classroom teaching and new educational psychology and learning theories, it needto be testified in teaching practice. Surveys and observations done by the researcher show that the framework of classroom teaching effectiveness is helpful and practically usable to teachers though it may not be the best one and may be imperfect at present. It provides, however, a structure that reflects new understandings of teaching and learning and offers a context for describing and discussing excellence, and a structure for such discussions and an opportunity for genuine professionalism.Chapter Six is the conclusions of thi...
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