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Sichuan Province Sports Training Market China-africa For-profit Organization Behavior Study

Posted on:2013-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330377955058Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Since the Olympic Games in2008, sports training market isbecoming a part more and more important of the sports industry in our country. Theimproved living standards make people more interested in physical training, and itbrings a big opportunity of development to this market in Sichuan province. Butactually there are not enough systematic theoretical research documents existingrelated to this topic, because the rise of non-profit sports organizations began not verylong time ago, and have been much influenced by Chinese administrative system sothat they developed some special characteristics. However, we could notice manyobvious geographical features in those organizations during our research. In this paper,by using the literature consult method, questionnaire investigation, interview, andmathematical statistics method, with the main cities of this province taken as our studyobjects, an analysis, concerning the development status of NPSO in the sports trainingmarket and the relationship between the two, has been carried out in order to find outthe problems and try to explore the development direction. Considering that the sportssocial training market is facing a good development opportunity, also be grimchallenge,“how to fully and reasonably use their limited resources, to develop anmaximum advantage, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses to actively participate inmarket competition” is the further development question for the sports social trainingmarket. In view of the present cities of Sichuan and those existing problems, this paperputs forward some reform measures, as efforts to explore and develop Sichuan sportssocial training market, and provide some countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sports Training Market, Non-Profit Sports Organization, Sports Club
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