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Based On The Integration Of The Quality Of Degree Study

Posted on:2006-10-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360152970337Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Degree quality is the lifeline of graduate education and research. It is closely related with the development of higher education, the enhancement of comprehensive national power and the implementation of the manpower strategy. Because the gainers of advanced degrees awarded by graduate education and research will become the elitists or cadres in all professions, their quality has been highly concerned by the nation and the society, and has also become the determinant of their competitiveness.This paper establishes a new degree quality conception, develops a new degree quality system and provides solution to the problem, passed on the analysis and integration of quality and quality approaches and by virtue of system integration mode and idea.As a matter of fact, the new degree quality conception is the "consolidated viewpoints of profession quality". It is the system integration of a variety ofviewpoints of knowledge, education and talent in current historic phase, and is the mental basis of constructing a new model. New system model consists of 7 sub-systems including degree quality process, research, faculty, resource, management, discipline reputation and discipline planning, totaling 23 variables and 130 quality factors. Called as "the quality processes based on discipline", the first three sub-systems are the core of the degree quality system. Through empirical analyses, the new model draws a clear conclusion that priority should be given to the reform of management system, and also makes suggestions on other aspects of degree quality.As the background or precondition of above contributes, this paper discussesquality and quality approaches at a full length. On the basis of elaborating the qualityconcept and quality dimensions, the paper differentiates between quality in higher education and in industry, provides new understanding of higher education quality. The paper also demonstrates valuable approach to degree quality management by analyzing quality approach in industry and referring to international experience of higher education.This article consists of six chapters as follows:CHAPTER 1: Introduction. "Win by quality" is a wisdom. This chapter describes the situation of education quality in both national and international scope to introduce the topic of degree quality. After introducing system integration method and several empirical methods in brief, it defines the five tasks needed implementing in this paper, and expounds the investigation ways in order to accomplish the gpals.CHAPTER 2: Quality Dimension. Starting from the key concept "quality", and through introducing the work of quality gurus, this chapter reveals the characters of quality of multi-profile, multi-vision and multi-dimensionality. After exploring the ideas and exercises related to product and service quality in industrial area, and referring to the results of higher education research, it provides the new concept of integrate quality, thus lays a conception foundation for this paper.CHAPTER 3: Quality Approach. Based on the cognition of quality, this chapter discusses first the Total Quality Management that consolidates the modem quality approaches, and secondly the evolution of quality approach from "Quality Assurance" to "Quality Continuous Improvement", and then to "Quality Innovation", as well as their applications in higher education. Industry is the pioneer. Higher education in the industrial civilization is also the pioneer. This chapter reviews its experience of quality approach, and gives the new concept of integration of quality approach, establishing the basis for the construction of degree quality system.CHAPTER 4: Degree Quality Idea. The focus of higher education is now under transformation, which indicates a new direction of "return to profession" and "return to practice" in degree quality. Degree itself is a kind of "quality certificate"; in the final analyses, it is the deviation from the quality that forms current situation. Based on these analyses, the chapter anatomizes the most influential factors of degree quality,...
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