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Research On Internal Guarantee System And Improvement Mechanism Of Postgraduate Education Quality

Posted on:2021-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T H HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330611488818Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The scale of postgraduate education is expanding day by day,and the quality of training has aroused extensive social concern,among which there are many voices of questioning.How to effectively improve the quality of postgraduate education has become the focus of academic research,which also highlights the urgency and importance of the construction of the internal security system.In order to build a scientific quality assurance system,it is necessary to scientifically analyze a series of factors that affect the quality of graduate education,explore the control points that play a key role in the quality of education,and then take the establishment of institutions and enrichment of culture as the entry point to implement control,so as to fundamentally and substantially improve the quality of graduate education.To construct the internal quality assurance system for graduate education is a systematic project with complexity,which needs to rely on the efforts and participation of all parties to ensure the perfection of the system.So,when improving the internal security system,it is necessary to fully understand the present situation and problems of the internal security system operation,on the basis of in combination with the practical requirement of university graduate student education work,establish and improve the scientific,reasonable and comprehensive internal security system,so as to the largest extent,improve the quality of postgraduate education in our country to provide solid foundation for security.This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the operation of the internal security system of graduate education in China by means of comparative study and empirical study.First comprehensive collecting domestic and foreign scholars aboutthe graduate education quality guarantee system internal related literature and data,combing the present stage domestic and foreign scholars research achievements,on the basis of literature review,illustrates the connotation of the graduate education quality internal security system,and expounds the research institute is applied to the theory of total quality management,PDCA cycle theory,to ensure that provide reliable theoretical support for the study.Combination of questionnaire and depth interview to a local university in shaanxi province as a case(behind of X university),the present situation of internal quality assurance system for graduate students to carry out the investigation and design for X university graduate internal quality assurance system of the questionnaire,taking the university graduate students and teachers as the research object,for graduate students enrollment,curriculum and teaching,teacher guidance,students evaluation and personnel involved in case investigation,the statistical analysis of data from combining of graduate students and teacher interview information at the same time,the existing problem in internal quality assurance system,the formation reasons of exploration.And draw lessons from the developed countries such as Britain,the United States on the practical experience in the process of establishing internal quality assurance system,the study identified within the building postgraduate education quality guarantee system in our country the measures should be taken,in the process of optimization to highlight the professional level of the contingent of tutors,establish a diversified teacher evaluation accountability mechanisms,and promote effective accountability mechanism;Optimize curriculum setting and content,highlight the characteristics of curriculum application;The "Daming ring" model is used to improve the teaching quality,adopt more flexible and diversified teaching methods,and combine teaching theory with practice.Standardize the requirements of paper evaluation and refine the evaluation criteria;Strengthen school management,improve student participation channels and feedback channels,create an excellent quality culture atmosphere,establish quality monitoring information platform;Standardization of evaluation indexes,diversification of evaluation subjects,improvement of self-evaluation in colleges and universities,and realization of multi-evaluation to guarantee the quality of graduate education;In order to improve the quality and level of graduate education in China,we should establish a special accountabilitymechanism for the internal guarantee system of graduate education quality,systemize and standardize it,construct the internal evaluation mechanism of colleges and universities,increase information disclosure,and further improve the internal quality guarantee system of graduate education in China.
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