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A Study On The Development Concept Of Contemporary Olympic Movement

Posted on:2007-08-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360218462794Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Development is the eternal theme of human society. It's also the primary problem in any culture phenomenon, social activity, organization and trade. The Olympic Movement is a great cultural pioneering work of human society, and it is a kind of cultural activity with abundant connotations. Facing the changing society environment of the present world, the Olympic Movement is also encountering the development problem, so we need to study and explore it constantly. The development concept of Olympic Movement is an important concept on contemporary Olympic Movement's development, it's the theoretical system on the essence and development law of the Olympic Movement. The study on development concept is a kind of high-level strategic research. It will help the Olympic Movement to meet the demands of the development of the human society. it will conduce to the sustainable, coordinated, overall development of the Olympic Movement, and aid to guide the development of contemporary world sports activities from the idea aspect.This thesis will build a preliminary theoretical frame of the Olympic Movement development concept within six respects—development process, development environment, development motion, development main body and object, development model and development values. Firstly, from the history's point of view, probe into the development process and the development environment of the Olympic Movement. It shows that the development of the Olympic Movement is closely linked with economy, politics, culture, science and technology and education, etc. Secondly, in terms of development motion, probe into the development motion problem of the Olympic Movement, put forward that the development motion of the Olympic Movement is a kind of comprehensive power, which composed by political strength, economic strength, culture strength and ecological strength. Thirdly, probe into the development model of the Olympic Movement from different respects such as thought, culture, management, activity, commerce and media, etc. Fourthly, in terms of main body and object, probe into the development main body and object of contemporary Olympic Movement, propose that the main part of contemporary development of Olympic Movement is people, contemporary development of Olympic Movement must respect people, must keep an eye on protect people's dignity and benefits, all the objects created by the main body should obey the demands of the main body's development. Fifthly, in terms of values, propose that while inheriting traditional values of Olympic Movement such as fair, unity, equal values, we should advocate the general values idea, i.e. harmonious development concept, sustainable development concept, ethics development concept in modern society.
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