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Research On Chinese Sports Concepts And Physical Education Development In Modern Times

Posted on:2007-04-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W G ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360218462796Subject:Humanities and sociology
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In modern times, Chinese sports concepts and physical education are continuing development after they have gone through several great changes. Every transformation of sports concepts could promote changes of physical education coherently, while development of physical education in practice could as well enhance new leaps of sports concepts. But there is no more systematical and deeper research into process and reasons of transformations and developments at home and abroad. For example, review of process in Chinese sports concepts in the past one hundred years, research into social resources and core values in transformations in mainstream sports concepts, spreading of distinguished figures, objective analysis and evaluation of their historical functions of transformation of sports concepts and that it promotes developments of physical education, overall elaboration of practical meanings how social ecological environment influences developments of physical education, reasons that sports concepts impact on development of physical education in China in the past one hundred years as well as the prospects and trend of development of physical education in the middle of 21st century. Therefore, it is of theoretical and practical value if further review, analysis and research are made.The document data, example analysis and survey methods are used in the dissertation. Firstly, The dissertation reviews and analyzes the background and core values of Chinese mainstream sports concepts in modern times, then elaborate subjective and objective causes that influence the formation of sports concepts. Secondly, the dissertation explores the process that sports concepts influence physical education. Core values of sports concepts, distinguished figures and social ecological environment are thought as three main elements that influence development of physical education. The dissertation advocates core values of sports concepts are the medium, which influences physical education. Distinguished figures are impetus, social environment is a must. Thirdly, the dissertation analyzes the process that sports concepts influence physical education and do the research on physical education in non-sports and sports schools. On the basis, to testify the reasons that sports concepts influence physical education. Finally, the dissertation analyzes the indications that sports concepts bring to us. Pointing out the problems facing development of physical education and chances that Beijing Olympics provide for it. The dissertation offers the prospects of physical education after Beijing Olympics. They are self-development, people-centered concept, harmonious development and domestic-rooted concept with internationalization and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:sports concepts, physical education, core values, distinguished figures, society ecology
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