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The Research About The Development Of Artistic Gymnastics Human Resource In China

Posted on:2007-12-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360218962799Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The development of artistic gymnastics human resource which is our necessary choice is able to achieve Olympic Glorious Program and individual sustainable development. The main research contents of this theme are the development and motivation mechanism of artistic gymnastics athlete and coach. The main research conclusion as follows:1. The artistic gymnastics human resource refers to: the overall title of the people are realistic and potential and have the ability of metal and physical labor in propelling the development of artistic gymnastics, including two parts of realistic human resource and latent human resource. The artistic gymnastics human resource refers to: a series activities and process which are planned and organizational are more concerned with exploitation, cultivation, development and taking advantage of artistic gymnastics human resource.2. The outlet of artistic gymnastics human resource development in our country is cultural education. But now the cultural education of player exist many drawbacks such as the severe contradiction between study and training, the inefficient system of the cultural education and the poor relativity of degree education. The cultivated pattern of integrity between body and education and the coalition of sports team, sports colleges and scientific research institutions plays a positive part in prompting the cultivation of artistic gymnasts.3. The training of artistic gymnastics coach in our country are launched early, more innovative and terrific efficiency, but there are the imperfect degree of systematization, the inefficient of fundamental course teaching and the poor systematization between specialty theory and the operational course. Improving coach's education of ideological quality and professional morals, further perfecting the teaching pattern of capability standard, accelerating the construction of the teaching outline and teaching material, enlarging funds investment and increasing more training opportunities, exploring the variety of training forms and balancing the training of coaches at all levels, all of these are the important measures, which are able to development the artistic gymnastics coach.4. At present, the coaches and players are not satisfied with the present institution of wages and bonus. It should take the following measures in order to accelerate the stimulant power for the artistic gymnastics human resource: performing motivation at different, inspiring the internal motivation of gymnastics specialists, implementing motivation as integrity between the number of medals (rank) and the degree of hard work, developing abroad the channel of stimulant capital, enlarging the power of material motivation and putting the motivation for the administrant, doctors and scientific research people into effect and so on .5. The main strategies of the development of the artistic gymnastics human resource are: establishing its strategic station, strengthening its system construction opening up abroad its channel of economic source, promoting its scientific level, making clear and definite its main task, enlarging the masses basis and population scale of artistic gymnastics, founding gymnastics club and exploring professionalized road, prolonging the longevity of sport and improving the economic benefit of development, regulating the move of specialist and distributing rationally specialist resource, enhancing the construction power of all layers of sport teams and so on.
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