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Empirical Research On Xinjiang Higher Education Service Quality And Student Satisfaction

Posted on:2013-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330362465108Subject:Business management
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Since the enrollment of China’s higher education, the issue of higher education servicequality becomes the focus. Government, colleges and universities, teachers and the employerare the main body of the assessment of higher education service quality, however, in Chinathe model which is oriented by higher education students has not yet been established. Withthe undergraduate becoming more and more, colleges and universities as a non-profit serviceorganization, the services which are provided whether satisfy the customer (especiallystudents) become the focus of the parties. In addition, despite the connotation、characteristicsand conceptual model of service quality and the consumer satisfaction have been researchedand applied widely in the business world, the empirical research of the relationshipbetween higher education service quality and student satisfaction appears to be very weak,especially in Xinjiang. Therefore, this study has important theoretical and practicalsignificance.In order to study the relationship between Xinjiang higher education service quality andstudent satisfaction, the research uses theoretical deduction and empirical analysis. Throughliterature review and theoretical analysis, the service quality of higher education may bedivided into tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, employment and theresults of service quality seven dimensions, and each of the dimensions has passed theempirical test. Through the questionnaires,we have known the status of the Xinjiang Highereducation service quality and student satisfaction. And there is a strong positive correlationbetween them.So student satisfaction can reflect higher education service quality. Analysis ofvariance confirmed that there is some difference between different ethnic students in theevaluation of the education service quality and student satisfaction, this conclusion provides aguideline for Xinjiang universities to improve student satisfaction.According to the statistical analysis results, we propose some recommendations toimprove the service quality of higher education continuously, improve the studentssatisfaction of Xinjiang universities and establish the Western University which students aresatisfied. However, due to the restrictions of time and conditions of research, the article onlyresearch on undergraduates in Xinjiang Universities, may be it can be researched later ingreater and wider context.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher education, Service quality, Student satisfaction
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