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On Empirical Study Of Educational Service Quality From Local Agricultural Universities

Posted on:2012-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330338451735Subject:Higher Education
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Expansion of Chinese Higher Education since 1999, gradually the focus of competition between universities gathered in the quality of educational services. Protect the quality of educational services is the development of local agricultural universities to seek the inevitable choice. However, there are still many educators believe that education is a human product, and even high-level labor force. In fact, this is the third industry as a lack of understanding of educational services, educational services they confused the consumer products and consumer consequences. With the rapid development of services market, higher education will become increasingly fierce market, service quality management is the top priority of university management. Seen the research on service quality of higher education not only for the transformation of higher education management system reform in China provide some theoretical support, but also the quality of the domestic management of colleges and universities have some instructive.This study suggests that students in higher education customers, is the core stakeholders. College students are the main target of higher education, higher education services to consumers and users, is also a higher quality of service evaluators. In broadening the scope of papers based on the quality of higher education, the paper quality of service through education, and measuring the standard definition content, using the modified SERVQUAL scale to measure service quality and student satisfaction. I selected students in Hunan Agricultural University as the research object in the form of a questionnaire to understand the expectations of our students with the knowledge to explore the physical, interaction, reliability, value, assurance and care of the six dimensions of Quality of Higher Education, and test its reliability and validity. On this basis, of different professions, gender, students, the year such as the impact on the quality of educational services in order to optimize the local agricultural universities on the quality of educational services to provide theoretical support.Based on the above findings, the thesis that a higher level of student satisfaction is imperative. And substituting "for student services" for the idea-oriented, that "ideas, student satisfaction the implementation of strategy", "through legislation to protect the rights of students as customers", "establishing an internal security system service quality" to optimize the realistic strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:local agricultural universities, service quality, student satisfaction, dimensions, stakeholder
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