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Research On Measurement Method And Its Application Of University Organization Structure

Posted on:2008-03-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360272476756Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The function of the system is determined by its structure, elements and the environment. If the structure of the same system is transformed, different systematic conducts and functions will arise consequentially. The university, as educational institution based on the social division of work and performing the social function of higher education, is a giant and complex system, holding general systemic nature as well, and it's structure plays an indispensable role both in their function demonstration and effective operation.Many scholars have studied the university organization structure from various angles and in different methods, but till now there were few research has studied organization structure systemically, which lead to no existing base for optimizing of organizational structure.With application of theories and methods of system, organization, high pedagogy and management science, the writer, adopting the research routine of combination of revert, part and integrity description, make an systemic study on meaning, measurement, character and optimization of university's organization structure.Based on the analysis of university organization's meaning, appearance and elements, the writer give different definition of university organization structure, organization frame and its operation system, which offer an innovative study method in this field.Start from analysis and description of elements, through multi-exchange between human, material, capital and information flow in operation and organization, an inter-linkage has been established, as well as a whole and systemic university organization model. Accordingly, the characteristic variable and formula of organization structure are set up, the measurement method of university organization structure is then constructed too.According to the research on two different universities, the partial and overall organization structures are acquired. Based on qualitative analysis of organization and quantitative analysis of information entropy, factors such as the frame work of organization, strategy planning, material & capital, cultivation of students & graduates, research activity, difference between two universities have been evaluated and discussed. Then three common characters of universities'organization are revealed consequently, namely, they are the consistency with national regulations; the network created by scientific activities, expert organization activities and superior department activities; the scientific levels in the university organization respectively. The model of state-own university organization is propounded, which is consisted by the systems of party-mass, resource deployment and management, talent cultivation, and scientific research. This model open out characters of state-own universities'organization profoundly. Nine kinds of basic academic organization framework are propounded too.This paper initiates a brand-new way in research on university organization structure with modeling and quantitative measurement. Through demonstration analysis, some valuable quantitative and qualitative cognition come into being. So, the research in this paper could be significant both in enriching the theory of university organization structure and in practice of university management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Model of University Structure, Information Entropy, Order Degree of Organization Structure, Basic Academic Organization Framework of University
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