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The Research On China Professional Sports Development In The Social Change Times

Posted on:2009-08-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360275463834Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Mainly adopting the methods of documentary,the analysis methods of cases, the analysis methods of porter matrix and the comparative analysis methods,from the point of view of sociology,economics and industry development,this paper study the development laws of west professional sports and china professional sports and discuss the essential attribute,basic concepts and seedtimes and characters of professional sports.Systemic and generally analysis and discuss macro and microcosmic influencing factors of professional sports development,on basis of analyzing influencing factors of china professional sports development,the research puts forward the countermeasure and suggestions of developing china professional sports.The professional sport is the high specialized and high commercial elite sports. Its essence is the managing and popularizing professional sport games.The professional sport games is the most important sport serve products given by the professional sports to society,and is also.the most important business product of the professional sports.Its essence is,by basic means of the athletic sports,the high specialized,high commercial and marketed competitive activity.Form the view of history,the professional sports development has been going with amateur sports develoPment.The professional sport has been facilitating amateur sport's popularizing and generalizing and they are promoting each other and developing together.The development phase of the professional sports has five historical times.The macro influencing factors of professional sports development mainly include the eight aspects of the politics and economic factor,etc and the economic factor is the most important factor amongst,them.The microcosmic influencing factors of professional sports development mainly include the five aspects of the professional sports interior competitive factor,etc according to the theory of the porter matrix. China professions sports has formed from the top down by policy's promoting in the period of China social changes,with China reform and open,social and economic development,improvement of the level of people life and the reform of politic,economic and spots systems.So China professional sport is the professional sports of the government's or policy's promoting types.China professions sports development has many benefic factors in social change times,such as the government's emphasis on the high level elite sports, economic growth,the extention of city,the life style change,the value view change of physical culture and the progress of science and technology.But there are also the disadvantageous factors,such as the traditional educational system does not support the rapid development of china professional sports,the lack of effective requirements of professional sports,the of deficiency of the human resources in the professional sports market,the big threaten of the substitute of the entertainment and relaxation industry,etc.The professionalized reform of some elite sport events is general trends.It is resulted in by the reforms of politic,economic and physical education system.It is the main contents of building new sports management systems in the new period.It is also the necessary requirements of international elite sports development.The research puts forward the countermeasure and suggestions of developing china professional sports form the five aspects of the understanding and idea,the aim and strategic orientation,the route and management system,the ways and operating mechanism and the guarantee and implement.
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