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Research On Social Adaptability Of Higher Vocational College In Personnel Training

Posted on:2010-03-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The great development of higher vocational colleges has attraccted people's wide attention. The dissertation has mainly focused on the sensibility and adaptability of the higher vocational college personnel training to the changes of its environment and probe into whether they could interact with the social environment to form an interdependent and harmonious relationship between them.The dissertation starts with analyzing the questions which higher vocational education is facing through adoption of the perspectives and methods of biology and sociology. The dissertation definds basic concept of social adaptability ,propses its standards and analyzes the factors influencing it, discusses the ways to strengthen the social adaptability,and establishes the theoretical analysis frame of social adaptability finally. The social adaptability refers when individuals face ceaseless changing environment, especially social environment, they can enable themselves to subsist and develop, seek a balance with the environment and enhance their abilities to interact with the environment through their efforts and choice, including adjusting themselves to the environment taking advantage. And to judge the standards of social adaptability is regarded as: Oneself systems are open; Automy can bring into play; Oneself can regulate and control; Environment can be controlled; Pressures can be dealt,etc . The factors influencing social adaptabilityembranes the following three aspects: "Subject Affect", "Symbiosis Evolution" , "Eenvironment Restriction".Furthermore, the dissertation has summarized the historical courses of higher vocational education in our country. In the process of tracking down the orbit of the historical development in our higher vocational education,we demenstrate its past, and reach a conclusion that there exists two inclinations, that is active adaptation and passive adaption in the development of higher vocational education. This kind of active adaptation abruptly shows it has complied with the trends of the masses of higher education.It basically meets the requirements of the society;its passive adaptation mainly shows that it could not adapt to the requirements of professional position trending transformation and technology going up.It could not deal well with the relationship between social development and individual development. According to the standards of social adaptability, the dissertation has analyzed the situation of social adaptability of higher vocational college in personnel training in our country. It indicates that the unadaptation in higher vocational college personnel training lies in five aspects: the undaption of concepts;the undaptation of training aims; the undaption of training courses;the undaptation of ensuring conditions; the undaptation of talents training results.Its deep problems mainly are: single and closed training model, theories breaking away from practice seriously, with the school—centered which has ignored, even disregarded the requirements of the society. Profession structure and industrial structure do not mate so that they could not deal with the changes and catch up with the development of the era.The dissertation has further analyzed on the external factors and interal factors which have resulted in poorer social adaptability in higher vocational college in personnel training, in which the former mainlyinclude: The social idea is prejudice. The policies and the laws are not complete. The high effect and practical running school mechanisms for the combination of school and enterprise are lack. The investment of running school funds is not enough. Thelatter mainly include: The traditional ideas have misled higher vocational college in talents training. The training aims exist deviant .The training courses are not strong. The training ways are single.Professional teachers are lack, etc.The dissertation has comparatively analysed vocational education thoughts in European and American countries as well as the experiences of Siemens Technology College, Seattle Central Community College, Sydney Institute of Technology. They pay particular attention to the training aim of practice,adopt the training way of school-enterprize cooperation and the combination of estate and teaching, establish the irrigation ditch of funds investment for the guidance of our nation, attach importance to the building of vocational teacher group and carry out diversify talents training model and the actual effect guide of the students's obtaining employment, etc. These have provided the useful enlightenments and references which strengthen social adaptability of higher vocational college talents training in our country.Eventually, utilizing the theory of social adaptability, the dissertation has drawn lessons from the thoughts and experiences of the external according to the talents training realities of our country. The dissertation has put forward the interrelated Countermeasures and suggestions in our higher vocational college talents training. The main contents are: Set up the right directed thoughts and the right aims; Improve knowledge structures and training courses; Widen the ways of talents training;Build a teacher contingent in order to accord with the realities of higher vocational education; Perfect interrelated laws and regulations; Establish the irrigation ditch of funds investment for the guidance of our nation and reform the running school systems, etc. These Countermeasures and suggestions will be useful for our higher vocational college talents training to raise social adaptability,enable talents to adapt themselves to the society actively and strengthen the individuals to get the abilities of existing and developing.
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