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Study On Compensation Of Energy Mineral Resources Exploration And Exploitation In Xinjiang

Posted on:2011-08-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119330332970469Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Xinjiang,which is rich in mineral resources,is an important strategic energy succession region of China.Large-scale development of resources in past years not only strongly supported the national industrial development and modernization construction,but also stimulated the development of local economy and related industries.However,due to the idea that resources are low-cost and environment is worthless for a long period of time in our country,resource value on the contribution of Xinjiang in economic development has not been reflected adequately. The"affluent poverty"is very prominent.At the same time,the development of mineral resources brought about a number of externalities to the origin of the resources,such as environmental pollution,ecological damage,etc. Duo to the absence of compensation system,there is still a big gap between the development of resources and implementation of the goal of making area strong and enriching the people. The lack of compensation mechanism has become an obstacle to the economic development of Xinjiang.Based on the value theory,right theory,scarcity theory and resource compensation theory,this paper combed lots of related research trend on mineral resources compensation at home and abroad,mainly applied such methods as,qualitative analysis,quantitative analysis,positive analysis,normative analysis, analysised the interest loss from the aspect of property rights and interests,ecological interests,inter-generational interests and development rights of output region,described the compensation situation of interests loss,talked about the problems existed in the exploitation and utilization process of the energy and mineral resources. From the legal system,property system,taxes and fees system and ecological compensation system the paper explore the cause of interests loss,put forward the main compensation, compensation scope,compensation and compensation standards and then construct the compensation system framework in the process of energy mineral resource exploitation and utilization in Xinjiang. Finally,the paper proposed some countermeasures and suggestions on speeding up the reform of tax system resources, establishing compensation mechanisms,industrial assistance compensation mechanisms and resource products price formation mechanisms,going on to improve the regional ethnic autonomy rights of local mineral resources allocationThe purpose of this study is,by national policies adjustment,to establish and perfect a long-term mechanism of resources compensation of Xingjian region,coordinate the rights and interests relationship among the government,enterprises and local people. Thought the measure we would like to reach benefit equilibrium among them and the better allocation state of mineral resources return,reduce dispute, ensure fair and justice,let the local people share the fruits of economic development and continuously improve their living standard.The following points are to be probed into in this essay:(1) From the point of view of the region input-output balance,countries should establish compensation mechanism between upstream industries and downstream industries,benefited areas and damaged areas, resource input areas and output areas in the development of energy and mineral resources in Xinjiang. The government should also draw capital for a certain proportion from the benefits of mineral resources to compensate the development of continuous industry , restoration of ecological environment and improvement of residents'employment and income.(2) The main conflict bodies of capitalization of the energy and mineral resources are central government and local government, enterprise and local individuals .The questions in the self-value depreciation of the energy and mineral resources are focus on the irregular way of property bodies in capitalization of the energy and mineral resources; It make the profits of the owners of energy resources can not gain sufficiently. In order to realize multiple subjects'all-win,resolve the asymmetric conflict of backward economy,severe poverty problem and increasingly important economic strategic position in the western region,and promote regional sustainable development,we should reform the mineral resources tax system and benefits of distribution systems,and establish new resources income distribution systems that conform region coordinated development.(3) Fully considered the particularity of Xinjiang national region,countries should implement different policies, refer to international practices that the distribution of resource benefits incline to resources areas, take benefit sharing mechanism as adjustment frame,give Xinjiang special energy exploitation policy, relax autonomous rights,give local governments the right to develop mineral resources or joint development rights,jointly share central petroleum enterprise income tax between central government and local government,inprove resource tax amount to local government,adjust the value-added tax shareing ratio and form coordinated development of resources exploitation and local economic society.
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