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Study On The Psychological Contract In Innovation Team Of Research University

Posted on:2009-10-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The innovation team is the cell of innovation-oriented country and the core organization of innovation-oriented university, and it is the hope of our country to construct the innovation-oriented country and the innovation-oriented universities. These are the historical status and the social functions of innovation team. The innovation team is one kind of research groups who stems from the common wishes, integrates the study, the research and the application. It has the innovative conscious, dare to resolve the vital realistic questions that the humanity faced. The theory and the practice indicated that the innovation team is an effective organization to gain and conformity resources. The innovation team is the important carrier to do the scientific innovation and to tackle the key scientific research projects and it is the undertaking platform for outstanding persons. The study of the innovation team has significant research and application implications. Through this article the author hoped that the theoretical system of innovation team can be complement and enhancement, and the effective incentive contract can be droved to improve the interior principal-agent relationships of innovation team in the practice, thus to provide some theoretical instructions and beneficial ideas to enhancement incentive efficiency.With the group theory, incentive theory, psychological contract theory as study foundation, with innovation teams in research universities as research objects, using comparative analysis, mathematical analysis and questionnaire synthetically, this paper deeply explored the contents and conflicts of psychological contract in innovation teams and the problems of effective incentive.The main results of this paper were as follows:(1)This paper defined the concept of innovation teams in innovation-oriented universities, and deeply analyzed the characteristics of both the innovation team and its psychological contract, primarily explored and summarized the contents, characteristics and system buildings of psychological contract of innovation team, reviewed the development, the specialties and the contents of the psychological contract, and emphasized the research results of psychological contract conflicts. The paper also synthesized the incentive models of standard teams and reviewed the team incentive models in the view of psychological contract. The innovation team's psychological contract is statistical analyzed.(2)This paper developed the questionnaire to measure the psychological contract of innovation teams in innovation-oriented universities. The final questionnaire was formed through items collection, screen, exploratory factor analysis and reliability and validity analyses. The investigation of the questionnaire showed that the innovation teams paid more attention to the culture, "the while vehicle", and prestige, social security and welfare, team cooperation, working conditions and atmosphere in psychology contract, which had significant effect on innovation team achievements. And the order of dimensions of the psychology contract in innovation teams is sorting as follows: the relational dimension, the team member dimension and the transaction dimension. This kind of sorting is closely related to the characteristic of the innovation teams.(3)This paper designed and tested the questionnaires of the psychological contract conflicts between the innovation teams and the individuals and the conflicts between the individuals and the innovation teams. The psychological contract conflicts of the innovation teams to the individuals is made up of three parts, respect conflicts, ability enhancement conflicts and working environment conflicts, and the psychological contract conflicts of the individuals to the innovation teams is consist of two parts, loyalty conflicts and dedication conflicts. The differences tests results showed that the psychological contract conflicts of the innovation teams to the individuals were remarkable different in gender and the scales of teams, and the psychological contract conflicts of the individuals to the innovation teams also had significant differences in gender, the scales and majors of teams.The relationship between those two different kinds of psychological contract conflicts in innovation teams was also analysed, the result show that they had very significant positive correlations.And the psychological contract conflicts in the innovation teams had negative effect on the efficiency of the teams.(4) The influences of justice , reputation and career to members' efforts and cooperatrion are studied to demonstrate that psychological contract is a kind of hidden incentive mechanism. Wen can find that the hidden incentive functions of psychological contract are launching through paying attention to justice, reputation and career. The mechanism of psychological contract's hidden incentive is studied from three perspectives of justice, reputation and career.(5)This paper analyzed the psychological contract conflicts between the innovation teams and the individuals and the similar conflicts between the individuals and the innovation teams, and explored the key factors and the path to make the innovation team work together, then instructed to defend the psychological contract conflicts away from the innovation team and to rebuild the psychological contract. The key factors of psychological contract of innovation teams, such as reputation, fairness and career were emphasized, and the effective path to manager those three factors were pointed out.
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