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Research On China’s Ruling Communist Party In The Basic Problems Of Rural Grass-roots

Posted on:2012-02-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1226330368496482Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Ruling foundation is the destiny of the Marxist political party. Today, China is in a great transformation period which is in social, economy and social structure, profound changes in the pattern of interests, profound changes in profound ideas, profound changes. All these new changes, the communist party of China in the people’s influence, attraction and cohesion is facing new test of party’s ruling foundation appear new contradictions and problems. Our party deeply analyzed the current situation of China’s social stratum of the constitution proposed new changes, to consolidate and enlarge ruling foundation of historical task. This book from the party’s ruling foundation of the new changes and the Soviet communist party’s basic lesson, the ruling party construction, strengthen the party’s ruling foundation based organization guarantee the system, further expatiates and research, and puts forward some opinions and ideas of the original ruling foundation for building research provides a theoretical reference.The ruling party in the countryside basic problems of the communist party of China, is the relationship of prospect and destiny of great realistic problems, it has become the consensus of people. But what is the party’s ruling as foundation, how to strengthen the party’s ruling foundation of these basic problems in the current situation, people’s understanding is not deep and clear. For many people, they have different ideas in the specific problem of understanding. Therefore, this book makes very necessary thoroughly study and clear answer in which the ruling party in the countryside for the foundation’s future and the destiny of great realistic problems. It is based on theoretical analysis -- "the connotation of the historical evolution of the challenges facing opportunity -- -- the basic practice experience in related areas of ideas" for clues in the countryside, the ruling party’s basic research. This text is divided in seven parts, each part of main content as follows: Introduction mainly involved in research papers, the background and the basis of the research target, theoretical significance and application value, related research field, the present situation and development trend of the basic method of research. This paper mainly research contents, innovation and structure, etc.Chapter 1: To study the theory of political legitimacy, and ruling party construction of basic research and the regime to the legitimacy of the ruling party in the countryside, to reveal the essence of party construction and the masses, represent the fundamental interests of the Chinese people from Marx and Engels, Lenin and MAO Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao’s theory, which can win the majority of the Chinese people’s support.Chapter 2: To unify the method based on rural governance consolidating the party’s historical practice process, including the basic experience in the main application logic and history review. We can consolidate the party’s governing basic historical practice process in three periods of economic foundation, political, ideological foundation which is "from" and "ten year period", "since the reform and opening up".Chapter 3: This chapter analyzed the new changes and consolidated the party’s basic faced a series of challenges and opportunities from the new international environment, and domestic new situation, the party itself and elm itself.Chapter 4: This chapter concluded the experience of rural governance from strengthening party building, and put forward enlightenment in the ruling party construction of historical practice, thus it can improve and consolidate ruling party in the new period of important lesson plans.Chapter 5: This chapter researched and analysised in strengthening and consolidating the party’s ruling in rural infrastructure construction in the political, economic, cultural construction method and measures, and achieve the effect from shan-gan-ning revolutionary region revolutionary shanxi-chahaer-hebei border areas, the ruling party in rural infrastructure construction.Chapter 6: This paper put forward a new period in the countryside of consolidating the party’s ruling foundation with elms from the combination of theory and practice. Specific local reality from the main task and general planning, this article puts forward five, five catch on, two mechanisms.The end of the paper made generalization in the overall thought of papers, the research process of the achievements and problems of exist, to find a new starting point in deeply study.Ⅳ...
Keywords/Search Tags:Ruling foundation, The communist party of China, The ruling legitimacy, Hierarchy linkage, Class differentiation
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