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Public Service Improvement In LAO PDR:Strengthening Administrative System And Human Capacity To Improve Performance For Public Service Delivery

Posted on:2016-08-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C h a n t h a O n x a y v Full Text:PDF
GTID:1226330467498414Subject:Administrative Management
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The practice and study of public administration has long included the question on efficiency, effectiveness and economy. In the literature of several decades, the New Public Management movement argues that entrepreneurial-based techniques should utilized in an effort to enhance the performance of the government. The perspective of governance, yet, raises counter ideas. There are two purposes of this research. The primary purpose is to examine the impact of public service improvement policy in Lao People Democratic Republic by studying the main context, character and nature of the policies and the institutions or stakeholders and the key process. Two case studies have been exerted. First is the District Development Fund project and the second is the One Door Service project, these two case studies are recognized as the typical services being offered in "supply driven". The technique used in this research focuses on primary study improvement areas within the theme of Governance reform against to poverty reduction policy and consisting in the New Public Management.The findings of the research indicate that the new public management has had a significant impact on the four study areas to various degrees. Theoretical proposition posed in the research center around public administration theory and public service theory and in reconciling the New Public Management perspective with governance consideration applicable to local government practice in service delivery. The Examining public service improvement allowed us to see how this District Development Fund initiative approach has contributed in its attempt to meet demands from both perspectives. While the One Door Service initiative has to closer attention at the design and implement steps.The second purpose is to draw on the experiences, findings and study of new public management theory and new public administration theory. Then, apply a new framework for public service improvement, which will focused four areas, including the government administrative regulations, the organizational structures, the civil service management system, and the Central-local relations. The four areas is considered as the main priorities and be aligned with government direction for improved public performance to provide local service delivery in the future. Further, encourage to achieving these priority objectives, is not possible without clearly defined and link the institutions and human capacity for improved public sector performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public service improvement, capacity development, service delivery, management, governance, organization, regulation and innovation
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