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Harmony In China's Contemporary Foreign Policy And Its Application In Sino-European Union's Relations

Posted on:2011-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360305456966Subject:World History
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In regard China's new strategy of"harmonious world", China's relations with European Union can be a realistic example of building a bilateral relationship according to the criteria of harmony. A theoretical study of the historical conception of harmony according to the traditional Chinese conception of harmony will lead to the estimation that China's contemporary foreign policy is influenced by the principles of Chinese culture and tradition. The theoretical study of the contemporary conception of harmony can demonstrate that harmony is a combination of theories of International Relations and actually, harmony is a globally acceptable idea and value for all, which can cover all the level of politics, from high politics which concern the security of the state and the need for a multi-polar and peaceful world, to middle politics which concern the economics and the need of states to cooperate and to make institutions to low politics which concern the environmental and human rights and in this level states can construct common moral and social values. Harmony is possible to combine these levels which are the base of the theoretical study of the criteria of harmony.The case of EU-China relations in economic sector can explain a kind of harmony because of the mutual benefits and their win-win cooperation. In particular, the analysis of several cases of EU-China's relations by giving specific examples, as a method of the research, can demonstrate the building of a normal cooperation with policies and practices which approach harmony and on the contrary with policies which create challenges and are contradictory with harmony. However, the challenges in their relationship can be resolved by using peaceful and"harmonious means", for example the constructive dialogue.The result of this research is that actually China's relations with EU is an example of building harmonious relationship by giving specific cases of their relationship to prove the effort of both sides China and EU to"harmonize"their relationship.Eventually, the contribution of this research is the suggestions for the improvement of EU-China relationship by improving their bilateral policies, at the same time to give suggestions for the improvement of China-EU relationship bilaterally and multilaterally for building a peaceful and"harmonious world".
Keywords/Search Tags:"Harmonious world"strategy, globalization, Chinese foreign policy, European Union, win-win cooperation, multi-polarity, cultural diversity
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