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Research On EU-Russian Relations After The Cold War

Posted on:2019-11-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1366330572454270Subject:International politics
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The end of the cold war provided a chance to the favoring develepment of the relations of EU-Rsussia.In early days of The end of the cold war,it is generally considered in world opinion that a historical oppunity has been given to the relations of EU-Resussia under the conditions that EU and Russia have stopped confrotations among politics,ecnomics,military and ideolody,thus Russia could deeply integate into Europe,but much bigger deviation emerged between the reality and optimistac predictions of people.Indeed,The relations of EU-Resussia proved to a large extent,they cooperated more closely in the arear of politics,ecnomics and secutity and set up a good many cooperation mechanism,therefore,the bilateral relations of EU-Russia developed in general favorably.But process of the cooperation of EU-Russia has been being a process of sharp contradictions and growing frictions.In fact,the process of the relations of EU-Russia was contrary to the optimistac predictions of international opinions,but it conform to the historical and real logics.There are contest of interests and competition for strength in the process of the relations of EU-Russia.At the same time,the deplomatic culture and tradition formed in the historical development of EU and Russia has been influenceing the process of the relations of EU-Russia.Strength,tnterests,geopolitics and civilization jointly was the important facets of the process contrait of EU-Russia as the important parameter or variable in the coordinate system of relations of EU-Russia.The end of the Cold War provides a rare opportunity for the smooth development of the relations between the EU and Russia.At the beginning of the endof the Cold War,international public opinion generally held that under the circumstances when the political,economic,military,and ideological confrontation between Europe and Russia had ended,the bilateral relations would ushered in historic development opportunities,and Russia could even be deeply integrated into Europe.However,the reality of the development of Euro-Russian relations has deviated greatly from people's optimistic prediction.Relations between the European Union and Russia did improve significantly after the Cold War,The two sides have carried out close cooperation in political,economic,security and other fields,and have established many cooperation mechanisms in various fields.The development of bilateral relations is generally smooth.But process of the cooperation of EU-Russia has been being a process of sharp contradictions and growing frictions.In fact,the development of Europe-Russia relations after the Cold War is contrary to the optimistic forecast of international public opinion,But it accords with the historical and realistic logic of the development of the relations between Europe and Russia.There is both a contest of strength and a contest of interests in the Development of Europe-Russia Relations after the Cold War,The diplomatic culture and tradition formed by the two sides in their respective historical development have also played an important role in the development of bilateral relations.As an important parameter or variable in the coordinate system of the development of Euro-Russian relations,such factors as strength,interests,geography and civilization together determine the historical track of the development of Europe-Russia relations after the Cold War.The EU and Russia have formed their own unique diplomatic traditions and cultures on the basis of their specific natural geographical environment,unique historical culture and cultural background of civilization.Diplomatic culture and tradition are the most stable factors in international relations.Once they are formed,they will exert an imperceptible influence on the country's foreign policy and international relations.After the Cold War,the relations between Europe and Russia were carried out on the curtain of civilization factors such as diplomatic culture and diplomatic tradition between Europe and Russia.After the end of the Cold War,on the one hand,the European Union has developed cooperative relations with Russia in various fields,but on the other hand,Europe still remembers its historical grievances with Russia,and there is still fear of Russia's expanding tradition in history,the geopolitical rivalry between Russia and the European countries,and the invasion of Russian territory.Therefore,Western groups,including the European Union,have not given up the Cold War mentality in order to prevent the revival of the Russian empire as a threat to European security and stability,The European Union has chosen to take advantage of Russia's weak national strength to participate in NATO's eastward expansion and to push forward the EU's eastward expansion on its own,Trying to encroach on Russia's safe Space and wipe out Russia's traditional sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe.The countries of Central and Eastern Europe,which also suffered greatly from Russia's external expansion in history,joined the Western camp after the end of the Cold War,in order to prevent Russia from taking control again.Russia was strenuously patient with Western countries such as the European Union squeezing its security space and cooperate and compete with the European Union and other Western countries while trying to reduce the loss of its own interests.However,the consciousness of great power,the thought of great power and the tradition of empire are still deeply rooted in the history of Russia.Therefore,after the restoration of its national strength,Russia will no longer tolerate the Western behavior of squeezing its security space and start counterattacking the West.The contradiction between the EU and Russia on European security has made it impossible for the pan European security system to be established,and the game between the two sides on European security will continue.However,due to the influence of national strength and geographical factors,to maintain European security and stability cannot be separated from the joint participation of Europe and Russia,and fighting without breaking will still be the development trend of security relations between Europe and Russia.Russia's strong opposition to the West on the issue of Georgia and Ukraine's accession to NATO and the European Union basically put an end to the eastward expansion of NATO and the European Union.In the field of energy,Europe and Russia have formed a relationship of interdependence and mutual restriction,which includes cooperation,contradiction and friction.The EU's energy strategy is aimed at reasonable market prices of imported energy,to ensure its energy security,at the same time,by virtue of its as Russia's largest energy importer status to restrict Russia's external behavior,to prevent Russia energy weapon has a leading position in Europe,damage the interests of the EU.On one hand Russia's Energy Strategy is depending on its huge energy reservesin order to Exports of energy in exchange for funds needed for national development.On the other hand,it can use its status as a world energy power to use energy as a tool to seek political and security interests so as to enhance its voice in European affairs.Although the EU imposed economic and financial sanctions on Russia after the crisis in Ukraine,However,due to geographical relations,historical ties and rigid supply and demand constraints,the energy interdependence between the two sides will not change.In a word,because of the profound differences and contradictions in politics,economy and culture,and the struggle between Europe and Russia for European dominance,Russia cannot and will not integrate into Europe.H-wever,under the constraints of power,geographical relations and respective interests,the relationship between Europe and Russia will still be based on cooperation,but contradictions and frictions still exist,and it is possible to intensify under certain conditions.As two important actors of international relations in the current international system,the development of Europe-Russia relations after the Cold War has brought beneficial enlightenment to China in developing the relations of great powers under the new era.The development of Euro-Russian relations shows that great nations must respect each other's core interests and major security concerns;We must really strengthen our country and dare to fight;We must conform to the trend of the times and update the concept of international relations in time;We must attach great importance to the role of civilization in international politics.For the development of EU-Russia relations after the cold war,we should draw lessons from the experience,in summary,for the construction of new power relations in the new era,the development of new international relations,unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development,to create a common destiny of mankind,and actively participate in global governance and innovation,to create a good international and surrounding environment for the great the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream.
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