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The Putin Government's Policy On Eu Enlargement And Nato's Eastward Expansion Is A Comparative Study

Posted on:2007-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360185471058Subject:International relations
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In the beginning of the 21st century, Russia gradually stepped out of the corner under the leadership of President Putin. Its economy started to grow since 1999 and keeps on progressing steadily. The political situation turns stable, the confidence and coherence of the whole nation is becoming stronger and it is quite active in the diplomatic arena. Meanwhile, Russia is facing the complicated and changing domestic and international situation. The changes of external environment challenge the economy, politics and security of Russia.After the cold war, EU and NATO speed up their process of eastern expansion. Most of the 10 new members of EU are Eastern European countries and former members of Soviet Union, while all of the 7 new members of NATO used to be the members of the eastern camp. Both EU and NATO target at establishing a system of freedom, democracy and market economy within these new members, and try to enhance their influence on the international society and contest for the manipulating status in the European area. These two organizations have reached an unprecedented large scale in the aspects like member number, acreage and population. This time of expansion has the biggest and deepest influence upon Russia. It also impacts the development of Europe and even the whole world.The eastern expansion of EU and NATO has more or less impacts on the politics, economy, security and culture of Russia. It's the most difficult and complicated problem that Russia has faced since the disintegration of Soviet Union. However, Putin administration reacts totally differently towards the expansion of these two organizations. They always express welcome and cooperating attitude to the eastern expansion of EU, while firmly appose to the eastern expansion of NATO. Till now, Putin always describes the eastern expansion of NATO as a"mistake".Of course, there are deep reasons behind the different attitudes. But the fundamental start is the interests of state. If it's good to the national interests, it's welcomed. If it's harmful, it's opposed. As the eastern expansions of EU and NATO have different influences on the politics, economy and security of Russia, they will certainly affect differently upon Russia's fate in the future. Thus, they will definitely influence Russia's relations with Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and USA, and even influence the relations among USA, major powers in...
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