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Hope And Education-an Interpretation Of Education Philosophy

Posted on:2019-07-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330545975068Subject:Principles of Education
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On the background of materialism and utilitarianism,death,suicide,self-destruction,self-abandonment,despair,confusion,depression...the negative emotion gnaw at the life,leading to the crisis of existence and spirit.People are full of no hope and hopelessness,the line of contact between reality and the ideal of life is broke,which is related to individual growth,and the image of individual "Utopia" and beautiful world disappear,life falls in the cave of”the present moment of darkness",resulting in growth of the discontinuity and growth dilemma.The individual's life is determined by life's "to be",the essence of individual life is in the future,rather than memory,the growth of individual life is not a past looking back,but looking forward.Individual growth is the art of construction of hope.Hope is life in front of the beautiful"absence" or called "phantom",learning to construct perfect and ideal image in the life journey.Especially when life in a dark,wasteland,miserable,despairing,using imagination functions,inviting hope image to dialogue with ideal and perfect images,and then awakening of individual life vigor,stimulating the potential life,finding the way that is full of light and hope.Hope is a good image of the future,in a way,hope is a ' good' absence,which arises from the reality,but beyond it.that is a good growth mechanism,which make the life of inner and outer flow.Hope is a open life and attitude for a person,it breaks through the barriers of the bad,unbound and closed life,and makes the silent and closed life free,helpes people masters the owner destiny.Hope is the New Territories of the life of the "utopia",also the space and boundary of the education.Hope is on the edge of 'being' and ' to be',on the edge of 'here' and ' there',on the edge of 'now' and' future'.The life constructs the hope in the edge position,and create the new 'life schema'.Education should take utopia attitude to liberate the life and wake up potential energy of life,constructing the perfect self to dialogue with the ideal,perfect,desired the 'image',the promoting the development and forward of life,transcending life for the people who are in the suffering despair.Education should be the art of constructing individual hope,sharing hope.In the course of education,we should awaken the individual ideal image,implant the hope of faith,learn hope,learn knowledge about hope.The essence of individual life is to open the essence of life,from the perspective of hope,the essence of education Shorten the distance between 'the now'and 'the future.Education and hope education should be practiced hope by the art;by 'image' education;by dead education,leading to construct individual life "utopia" of the world and the vision of the future life,restoring uninterrupted growing point,making inner and outer life flowed and to be poetic habitation.
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