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Research On Differentiated Management Strategy Of Sichuan Hope Education Group

Posted on:2019-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the face of the continuous development of the education industry and the increasing emphasis placed on education by the country and China's families,Sichuan Hope Education Group needs to take a closer look at itself.In the past decade,Sichuan Hope Education Group has achieved a lot as a private enterprise.The achievements have become the largest private enterprise in the education industry.According to today's form,Sichuan Hope Education Group,in the present situation where the education industry is particularly complicated,Sichuan Hope Education Group lacks differentiated operations in all aspects.There will be some restrictions on future development.Sichuan Hope Education Group needs to improve on the basis of the original not to adapt to the era of business management and better implement differentiated business strategies.This article analyzes and describes the various aspects of the competition faced by Sichuan Hope Education Group,and proposes Sichuan Hope Education Group's differentiated business strategy in all aspects,as well as its own aspects,as well as its characteristics and advantages.From the fourth chapter,it is necessary to improve and improve all aspects of Sichuan Hope Education Group's differential analysis.The first chapter briefly explains the significance and background of the research,and lays a foundation for various studies to find innovations and values.Both are explained together.The second chapter introduces the theoretical basis of this study,and introduces the theory of differential management,which includes the background and main content of the theory of differentiated management.The third chapter elaborates the analysis of the status quo of Sichuan Hope Education Group's differentiated management.First,it analyzes the profile of Sichuan Hope Education Group,followed by the PEST analysis of the macro-environment of Sichuan Hope Education Group's differential operation and the SWOT analysis of Sichuan Hope Education Group.The fourth chapter Sichuan Hope Education Group's implementation of differentiated strategies existing problems,aimed at the Sichuan Hope Education Group's business model to conduct a differentiated analysis,according to the analysis of the four differences of products,services,markets,images,from the analysis Differentiated business strategies are insufficient in the application of Sichuan Hope Education Group and need to be optimized.According to Sichuan Hope Education Group's deficiencies in differentiated services,marketing,as well as products and markets,it is analyzed and researched.Chapter 5 proposes related solutions to find a way that Sichuan Hope Education Group is more suitable for its own development.Looking at the operating conditions of Sichuan Hope Education Group,it needs to be strengthened in all aspects such as services,markets and products.However,we need to establish a better sense of innovation in these areas and better optimize the differentiated business strategy.
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