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The Research On Pre-school Teachers' Hope In The Workplace

Posted on:2019-12-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566978772Subject:Pre-primary Education
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Hope is a cognitive process of thinking about achieving goals.It is a positive motivational psychological state,which helps individuals overcome negative situations and improve the working efficiency of individuals and organizations.Hope in workplace is an individual as a member of the organization.In order to accomplish a variety of goals in the field of work,it presents a directional cognitive process and a positive state of motivation.It inspires practical actions and forms a variety of strategies to accomplish professional goals.And in the case of difficulties,we can also maintain a positive state of optimism,not to retreat and give up easily.Previous studies have shown that hope in the workplace is obviously influenced by the relationship between the different subjects in the organizational field and the relationship between them.With the deepening of preschool education reform,pre-school teachers not only need professional knowledge and skills,but also need to respond to all kinds of challenges and pressures in a positive way,and teachers' positive psychology has gradually become the focus area of pedagogy,especially teachers' psychology.Pre-school teachers' high level of hope in workplace is an important factor to actively invest in work,overcome difficulties in teaching,improve educational practice quality and independent professional development.The difference between pre-school teachers' hope in the workplace and that of universal hope is one of the most important issues in this study.This paper includes five parts: theoretical construction,questionnaire compilation,investigation and analysis of the present situation,discussion of the results and reflection on the path of improving pre-school teachers' hope in the workplace.First,based on the related literature and questionnaires or scales,combined with interviews with pre-school teachers,the researchers identified the structure of pre-school teachers' hope in workplace.Then,according to the results of theoretical research,the pre-school teachers' hope in workplace questionnaire was compiled for empirical investigation,and the empirical structure of pre-school teachers' hope in workplace was studied,and aformal questionnaire was formed.Finally,through the survey of pre-school teachers in many provinces and cities in Chongqing,Sichuan,Yunnan,Shanxi,Guizhou,Gansu,Guangdong,Beijing and Shanghai.The present characteristics of the pre-school teachers' hope in workplace are revealed.It is found that pre-school teachers' hope in workplace is a multi-component structure,which includes three dimensions: organizational hope,group hope and individual hope.In general,the current level of hope of pre-school teachers in our country is general,the development level of each dimension is different,and there is a great difference.Through further analysis,the researchers found some problems about that pre-school teachers' hope in workplace:(1)the pre-school teachers of the organizational level approval degree of target value is low,and in response to the lack of related work in diverse solutions;(2)the importance and value of the pre-school teachers do a good job target recognition teaching service,but in the path method to realize the objectives of the group level are inadequate;(3)there is a strong desire in their professional growth of pre-school teachers,and are willing to pay the price,but the opportunity for professional growth,and lack of effective and feasible method.Pre-school teachers are closely related to the above problems in the sense of hope,such as the organization management system,the educational work object,the self-development consciousness and so on.According to the above conclusions,the researchers hope to improve the pre-school teachers' workplace level,and put forward the following suggestions: improving the organizational hope,through the establishment of active management system,evaluation mechanism,incentive and fair decision-making process,form the driving force;with the spirit of support,technical support and resource support to build a comprehensive organizational support system.To improve the organization target identity.In improving the group sense of hope,to promote teachers' professional autonomy,teaching strategy diversification;secondly to improve teachers' professional knowledge,improve teaching strategy effectiveness;finally build a harmonious home,improve teaching level of work motivation.In order to improve the individual's sense of hope,we should make clear the goal of professional development,widen the path of teachers' development and cultivate the positive ability of teachers.
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