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Jinzhong, Shanxi Region Hopes To The Investigation And Development Of Primary School Sports Countermeasures

Posted on:2006-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360218462994Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Project Hope has been founded and organized by China Youth Development Foundation since 1989. In its development, more than 9000 Hope Schools have been established all over China through donations both from home and abroad. Therefore, students from poverty district may have a chance to go to school. However, it pays little attention on physical education, which the important part of school education. Hope Schools mainly exist on the poverty district of China, health condition of the students there is not optimistic. Therefore, it is significant to increase the development of school physical education in poverty areas by studying and exploring the physical work in the Hope Schools.Through the survey and analysis on the P.E class in the primary schools of Hope Project in Jingzhong District, Shanxi province, this research points out the problems existing in the work of physical education, and the factors influencing the progress of the work and probes into the development strategies concerning it. Although great achievements have been made in the primary schools of Hope Project in Jingzhong District, there are also some problems in sports activities. These problems are affected by economic conditions, but they are also fettered by the cognitive abilities. Therefore, the key factors to carry out policies are changing ideas, promoting cognitive abilities, improving the arts of leadership and strengthening administration. Thus, it's advised that we should further train the teachers, develop all the P.E work and enrich the sports activities in the primary schools. The effective means to achieve the goals are to improve sports fields, adding new sports apparatus and investing more money.The primary schools of Hope Project in Jingzhong District should realize that our country has subsidized a lot to them. They should maintain independence and keep the initiative in their own hands. They can find out a new way that applied to the development of physical education if they stick to the principles of seeking truth from facts. Only by doing so can we make the physical education of the primary schools in Jingzhong District develop faster and faster.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project Hope, Hope school, physical education, Jingzhong District, development strategies
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