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Discussion On Problem Students' Education Of Hope

Posted on:2010-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360275452771Subject:Principles of Education
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In this study,based on the production and performance of the "problem students", through the survey,found that a single evaluation,inappropriate teaching methods and the reality of school goal are the main reasons for the "problem students" to lose hope. In order to let "problem students" plant the ideal trees,beliefs flowers,and wake-up the paralysis of the meaning of life,the teachers should make "problem students" to hope by education.Because the hope which represents the future,beyond and struggle,the trachers should let the hope participate in education,make the "problem students" have their own real life,free spiritual life full of meaning,and fully demonstrate their freedom and subjectivity,enable the hope lead and inspire them for the next,constantly challenge and go beyond themselvesAs a result of the "problem students" are not the existence of complete,they have a great deal of plasticity,have the possibility to trace the meaning of life.The teachers should first of all,use the truth,love and care to fill their boundless empty souls.Of the intellectual the teachers should formulate corresponding teaching measures according to the reality of the "problem students".Moral education should be based on reality but also go beyond the reality.Motivate them to understand and pursue the meaning of life in the aesthetic education.Use the higher hope to inspire self-realization.In this way can they find the answer of value they have given up in real life,find the retrieval of the derogatory of the human dignity.Let the life which lack significance full of youthful vigor.Make them journey from a painful existence into a dwelling poetically...
Keywords/Search Tags:"problem students", the education of hope, subjectivity and freedom, the meaning of life
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