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Impact Of Autonomy Support,Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction,Academic Motivation On Myanmar University Students' Mental Health:An Approach Of Dual Factor Model

Posted on:2020-01-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Toe Toe OoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1367330578452661Subject:Educational and developmental psychology
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Background:In Myanmar,all students who pass bachelor courses specified from universities of education will get senior teacher certificate to serve as a senior teacher in the basic education sector.Therefore,they become the main pillars for the development of the teaching profession in the future.As prospective teachers are key generations in the development of teaching profession,their academic motivation plays a vital role in the education sectors besides their mental health status is also essential to enhance the quality of teaching and learning not for themselves in current time but also for their students in the future.However,the mental health based on dual factor approach and the factors predicting mental health have never been studied in universities of education in Myanmar before although other countries have paid great attention to that issue and conducted and surveyed on middle school,and high school levels but few on the college level based on dual factor approach since recent decades.Moreover,a bunch of studies have proved that the autonomy support,basic psychological needs satisfaction and motivation could have a great impact on well-being but not on the psychopathology.Therefore,the present study focused on the impact of self-determination theory on both subjective well-being and psychopathology via dual factor approach of mental health in university level at once to fulfill the required study as a part of mentally healthy development of university students in Myanmar.Aims:There are three separated studies in this research.Study I mainly focused on classification of mental health status of Myanmar university students through dual factor approach.Study ? was to investigate the effect of four mental health groups on autonomy support,basic psychological needs satisfaction and academic motivation and study ? was to determine impact of autonomy support,basic psychological needs satisfaction and motivation on subjective wellbeing and psychopathology.Methods:The current study was conducted on descriptive survey research design using stratified sampling technique.A total of 770(85%)first year university students((male 299,38.8%)and female(471,61.2%))participated in this study.In study I,we categorized the mental health classification of university students in terms of dual factor model and investigated how much four mental health groups were significantly differed by gender,major and university by conducting chi-square analysis.In study II,we focused on how much each mental health group significantly differed from other groups for all variables by using MANOVA.In study ?,we conducted hierarchical regression analysis to examine how much each predicting variable explained significantly on subjective wellbeing and psychopathology orderly.Results:Mental health condition categorized by dual-factor model approach yielded complete mental health as the largest group(58.3%)and symptomatic but content,the least one(10.4%)in study 1.In study II,among the overall effects of mental health groups on all variables,the satisfaction of basic psychological needs for competence and amotivation were the highest degree in prediction.Apart from extrinsic motivation,as a general result of study?,other variables were significant predictors of both SWB.In predicting PTH,amotivation,and competence needs satisfaction were the most significant predictor among the significant predicting variables.Conclusions:The current findings can be interpreted that the students with amotivation and competence need satisfaction can particularly effect on their mental health condition.That is why the present study suggested that the important role of academic motivation,especially amotivation,should be taken into account to improve and develop the mental health condition of university students.Therefore,it can be interpreted that the teachers and parents have to provide much more support students with amotivation and consequently,that could enhance their subjective wellbeing and also impede their psychopathology.
Keywords/Search Tags:academic motivation, basic psychological needs satisfaction, autonomy support, mental health, university students
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