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Research On The Influence Mechanism Of Knowledge Base On Technological Catch-Up Of Knowledge-Intensive Enterprises

Posted on:2020-03-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the era of globalization of innovation and competition,the importance of knowledge-intensive enterprises in economic development and national industrial upgrading has become increasingly prominent.It is widely believed in the industry that knowledge-intensive enterprises,especially those in strategic emerging industries such as nano-biology,can provide opportunities to enterprises to become leaders and an important force in promoting scientific and technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in developing countries.Knowledge plays an important role in enterprise competition,which refers to the collection of knowledge elements in various technical fields involved by enterprises,including technical know-how,operation and management experience and other aspects.Knowledge is an important criterion in assessing the core competitiveness of a country,and also the source for enterprises to explore and maintain competitive advantages.For knowledge-intensive enterprises,knowledge is the most strategic core resource.With the emergence of knowledge economy globalization and the accelerated knowledge and technology update,the average period for enterprises to maintain sustainable competitive advantages is gradually shortened.In the increasingly fierce competitive environment,Chinese enterprises should not only consider how to acquire key knowledge,but also how to obtain sustainable competitive advantages.Technological innovation is widely regarded as the driving force for Chinese enterprises to obtain sustainable competitive advantages,which is also the driving force and support for economic development.In the realistic environment of fierce competition between knowledge and market economy,knowledge-intensive enterprises fully participate in the domestic and international market competition.How to carry out technological innovation activities,achieve technological progress and even technological breakthrough has become a strategic issue for many knowledge-intensive enterprises.On the other hand,the increased technological complexity,the accelerated technological advancement and market demand,and the increased demand of customers on customized products and services have made the technological innovation of knowledge-intensive enterprises extremely urgent.How to realize customization and service personalization through product and process innovation has become an indispensable issue in catching up with knowledge-intensive startups.Research on technology catch-up from the perspective of knowledge base and innovation mode is an important topic for latecomers in the practice of enterprise innovation.At present,technological catch-up has changed from focusing on "catch-up" global technological frontier(mainly involving "imitation" of technology)to the continuous creation of new knowledge development based on global leading(catch-up)product and process innovation.The existing research has made a preliminary exploration of the knowledge base and technological innovation,and reached a consensus on the competitive advantages brought by technological innovation in knowledge integration and utilization.However,more attention has been paid to the choice of independent innovation and imitation innovation instead of the specific study on the independent innovation.How the internal knowledge base of an enterprise specifically affects the performance of an enterprise's technology catch-up remains as an unopened black box.In addition,some studies have different opinions on the research of knowledge stocks and technological progress.Some studies believe that Chinese enterprises have too little scientific research stock,so they have no effect on technological progress,while knowledge-intensive enterprises are characterized by knowledge and technology intensive.Knowledge base has a good accumulation,and its knowledge base plays an important role in technology catch-up,which will be different from other industries.At the same time,scholars have not paid enough attention to the research on the innovation types of knowledge-intensive enterprises.The current research lacks attention to the particularity of the catch-up situation of large emerging economies.,and even less attention is paid to how knowledge-intensive enterprises in China's technological context choose technological innovation to play a role in technological catch-up.Moreover,the existing research on the technological development of knowledge-intensive enterprises is mostly confined to the static and horizontal research,while in fact,the selection and application of innovation types and models by enterprises based on knowledge are constantly evolving dynamically.Finally,despite the rapid development of China's knowledge-intensive enterprises,there is relatively little research on the catch-up of China's latecomers in the competition in frontier technology industries.Based on the above practical significance and theoretical background,this study focuses on the basic problem of "technology catch-up influence mechanism of knowledge-intensive enterprises".,four logically closely related research issues are discussed in depth from the perspective of knowledge base and innovation type:(1)How does the knowledge base of Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises affect the company's catch-up performance?(2)what is the influence mechanism of the internal knowledge base and innovation type of the knowledge-intensive enterprises on the enterprises' technology catch-up performance?(3)Under different catch-up scenarios such as technology distance and technology development speed,what is the difference in the impact mechanism of knowledge base acting on the technology catch-up performance of enterprises indirectly through innovation type?(4)From the perspective of dynamic development,how does the knowledge base and technological innovation evolve during the technological catch-up process of knowledge-intensive enterprises?In the first sub-study,the importance of process innovation and product innovation in knowledge-intensive enterprises and the new model of catching up with the frontier technology industry in developing countries based on process innovation are emphasized through the case study of four enterprises.On this basis,this paper proposes a mechanism framework of how the knowledge base of knowledge-intensive enterprises influences their technology catch-up performance through product innovation and process innovation,so as to answer how Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises achieve better technology catch-up.By considering the preliminary conclusions of the first sub-study,the second sub-study was carried out in combination with further literature,through the questionnaire survey of empirical method,using exploratory factor molecules and confirmatory factor analysis to construct and verify the scale;and uses multiple regression analysis to verify the relationship between knowledge base and technology catch-up performance and the role of technological innovation mediation in sub-study one,thoroughly discusses the effect mechanism that enterprise knowledge base level affects the enterprise technological catch-up by improving product innovation and process innovation capabilities.On the basis of sub-study 2,sub-study 3 conducts multiple regression analysis with second-hand data to investigate the moderating effect of two technical situational variables-technology distance and technology development speed,on relationship between knowledge base and technology innovation type to technology catch-up performance.In view of the dynamic and evolving process of knowledge-intensive enterprises,sub-study 4 portrays knowledge-intensive enterprises from a dynamic perspective through case studies of three successful knowledge-intensive enterprises based on the aforementioned mechanisms.This paper describes the evolution process of knowledge base and technology innovation in the process of knowledge-intensive enterprises developing to new technology and market from a dynamic perspective.The four sub-studies are combined with empirical methods and dynamic perspectives to answer the core question of this research:how the knowledge base of knowledge-intensive enterprises affects the performance of technology catch-up.This study has determined the key role of process-based innovation in the process of technology development and catch-up in China's emerging industries through sub-study 1 of in-depth research on a case of four Chinese nanotechnology companies,and further studied the difference between process-based innovation models in developing countries such as China and in developed countries.China Nanotechnology Corporation has conditions of process-based innovation that will help companies achieve customized goals and implement niche market strategies.Product customization,relatively low prices and high profit margins provide a competitive advantage for the development of enterprise technology in developing countries.Based on the summary of the influencing factors of the four knowledge-intensive enterprises,Sub-Study 1 further illustrates the importance of product innovation/process innovation for Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises in the process of commercialization of knowledge,patents and technologies,thus draws the research proposition that the knowledge base of knowledge-intensive enterprises can influence the performance of enterprise technology catching up through product innovation/process innovation.In the sub-study 2,the empirical analysis of 212 data-intensive enterprises shows that the impact of the company's knowledge base on technology catch-up performance is achieved through product innovation and process innovation.Specifically,this study measures the knowledge base from the two dimensions of knowledge base width and knowledge base depth.Knowledge diversity and in-depth knowledge mastery positively affect the technology catch-up performance of enterprises by promoting differentiated product production and service provision.At the same time,knowledge diversity and in-depth knowledge acquisition affect the technological catch-up performance of enterprises by improving production methods and adjusting assembly lines.The study of technical contexts in sub-Study 3 finds that under different technical environments,the different knowledge bases of knowledge-intensive enterprises have different effects on technological innovations,then indirectly influence the performance of technological catch-up.Technological distance and speed of technological development play a role in moderating the impact of knowledge base on technological catch-up performance through the type of technological innovation.The technical distance plays a positive role in the influence of the knowledge base width on technological catch-up performance through product innovation;The speed of technology development plays a positive role in the influence of knowledge base depth on technological catch-up performance through product innovation.Sub-Study 4 has deepened the understanding of the relationship between knowledge base,technological innovation and technology catch-up through the study of three knowledge-intensive enterprises with relatively successful development and innovation:Enterprises will choose the type of leading technological innovation according to technology and market environment,so as to maintain sustainable competitive advantages and influence technological as to achieve accumulation.After a long period of accumulated knowledge,enterprises will also make corresponding adjustments in the choice of technological innovation.Moreover,this study finds that the choice of leading innovation types and the change of innovation modes in knowledge-intensive enterprises are dynamic and not confined to the application of a single type,and there may be several innovation modes simultaneously.The research shows that the technological development and late-development catch-up of China's knowledge-intensive enterprises is a dynamic process.With the continuous change of enterprises' own technological innovation capability,namely the level of existing knowledge base,enterprises need to choose the technological innovation mode dominated by different types of innovation according to their strategic needs.Through these four sub-studies,this study expands and deepens the following theories around the problem of the technology catch-up mechanism of knowledge-intensive enterprises.First of all,this study knowledge intensive enterprises in China as samples,once again stressed the knowledge intensive industry is different in other industries,its stock of scientific knowledge to the enterprise's technological catch-up is necessarily promote role,at the same time the introduction of product innovation and process innovation for the knowledge intensive enterprises the key type of technological innovation as a intervening variable,exploring the core mechanism of the development of knowledge intensive enterprise technology.The results of the study show that for the knowledge-intensive enterprises in the stage of rapid development in China,the knowledge base plays a key role in the relationship between technology performance,and the study also opens a black box of research on how the internal knowledge base plays a specific role in enterprise technology catch-up performance.The research shows that process innovation and integrated product innovation are conducive to China's backwardness of knowledge-intensive enterprises technological catch-up,points out the knowledge intensive enterprises in the process of technological catch-up choose innovation type should follow certain rules,beneficial to correct the wrong tendency of emphasis on product innovation,also provided a train of thought for scientific research and commercialization.Secondly,this study explores the mechanism of knowledge-intensive enterprises to realize technology catch-up through process-based innovation mode(process innovation and product innovation are carried out simultaneously).Process-based innovation brings competitive advantage to the technological development of knowledge-intensive enterprises in developing countries,which plays an important role in the technology catch-up and even leap-forward development of knowledge-intensive enterprises.Its innovative characteristics emphasize the role of local innovation in the technology catch-up of latecomer enterprises,which brings a new perspective and theoretical support for the technology catch-up theory of latecomer enterprises.At the same time,this study combines the perspective of dynamic evolution and proposes two innovative models dominated by different types of innovation.Based on the development of these three innovation models,this study promotes the research of innovation types and innovation models of knowledge-intensive enterprises in China.Furthermore,this study theoretically studies and empirically examines the moderation effects of technological contexts on the impact of knowledge bases on types of technological innovations,thereby broadening the research perspectives of previous research on the factors affecting technology catch-up.Finally,this study combines the idea of innovation evolution with the knowledge base and type of innovation(model)research.It emphasized the choice of innovation type in the process of technology development of knowledge-intensive enterprises is a dynamic process,and is not limited to single innovation type applications such as process innovation,service innovation,product innovation,etc.It emphasizes the intertwined application of the three.With considering the impact of market as well as technology,this study also proposed a knowledge-intensive enterprise technology to catch up with three different innovation evolution paths.This study proposes three different innovation evolution paths in knowledge-intensive enterprise technology catch-up.This provides a new perspective for Chinese knowledge-intensive companies and latecomer companies to choose to catch up with innovation models and technology catch-up.In summary,this study analyzes the specific mechanism and process of constructing effective technological innovation output of Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises by selecting appropriate innovation types on the basis of knowledge,and provides theoretical guidance for the emerging Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises.The study also pointed out that Chinese knowledge-intensive enterprises should combine the knowledge base and the specific situation of the enterprise,dynamically select innovation type combination and innovation mode suitable for their own technological development,and pay attention to the expansion of knowledge base width and the accumulation of knowledge base depth in this process.Enterprises need to pay strategic attention to their own process innovation and product innovation,and timely adjust the combination of enterprise innovation types according to the market and technical environment to continuously improve technical performance.Moreover,all kinds of park should pay attention to the cultivation of process innovation ability of knowledge-intensive enterprises,and guide and encourage knowledge-intensive enterprises to actively cultivate,develop and strengthen their own knowledge base,and enhance product innovation and process innovation of knowledge-intensive enterprises through strengthening cooperation.
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