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The Research Of Corrosion And Protective About Regional Of Stock Tank And Pipe Network In Ground

Posted on:2008-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2121360212985306Subject:Chemical Process Equipment
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The equipment of oil filed contact with intensive corrosion for long time, some work in a high temperature and high pressure entironment, so the corrosion of them become more serious and attract more attention. With the significant development of oil and nature gas Industry, the harm of corrosion is emerging. Corrosion not only bring on economy loss because of destruction of pipeline, oil tank, drill pipe, and because of the crude oil leak, but also lead fire, explode, pollute entironment, shutdown the factory. The corrosion has an impact on the safe production and on economy benefit.It is named united protection when coatings corrosion and cathodic protection are used together. It is one of important way of anticorrosion of underground pipeline, metal building. The united protection makes the anticorrosion means reinforce each other. Because the coating anticorrosion does not easy destroyed during producing, transportation and constructing. Another, the disfigurements of coating anticorrosion, such as micropore, aging, impossibly make the protected metal are insulated completely from corrosion entironment, corrosion mediums. Because of in defect of ideal coatings, the result is not satisfying. To adopt coatings corrosion and cathodic protection which called united protection, making use of the chemic means cathodic polarization, ensure that the protected metal get perfect electrochemical uniformity, and restrain the corrosive cell come into being, and patch up the shortcoming of coating corrosion. So the coating corrosion fall back on the cathodic protection, even the cathodic corrosion's validity depends on the coating insulation and on the current density. It can protract live-span and improve the corrosion periods.Cathodic protection with deep well anodes near is a cathodic protection which was recently developed, the anodes used in deep anodes beds are same to the shallow buried anodes. But it's process are more complicated than shallow buried anodes and the investment are more high one time. Even the commissionings are more difficult. The geology, stratum structure and the neighboring metal objects should be considered carefully when deep well anodes fit the field whether or not. But when the effect of protection and investment are thorough considered, it can get very good result for protecting large-scale tank field and local buried pipeline network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cathodic protection, Corrosion, potentiostat, Deep well anode, Constant potential rectifier
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