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Simulational And Experimental Research On High Speed External Cylindrical Grinding Of Difficult-to-Cut Materials

Posted on:2011-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2131330332486226Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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As the high-speed grinding can be possible to achieve the perfect unity of grinding efficiency and grinding quality, while attaches great importance for foreign experts and scholars, China also takes this to be included in the National Basic Research Program (973 program) and the National major projects. However, high-speed grinding requires not only high-speed grinder, high speed grinding wheel, but also needs to reveal the mechanism of high-speed grinding, to master the high-speed grinding performance of different materials and different process conditions, which can be integrated effectively control the quality, efficiency and cost, and can provide basic data and scientific evidence for the optimal design of high-speed grinder and high-speed grinding wheels, as well as the improvement of their reliability and service life.As the exploration of the related mechanical and other physical properties, such as the process of high-speed cylindrical grinding, the development of high-speed precision cylindrical grinder, grinding test under high-speed grinding force, grinding heat has great difficulty, the current high-speed grinding is mainly revolved in surface grinding.To this end, the main purpose and research of this dissertation focuses on difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium alloy, based on DEFORM-3D software, to carry out the simulation of high-speed cylindrical grinding; to propose the testing methods of part of the mechanical and physical properties of high-speed grinding; in the self-developed high-speed cylindrical grinding machine to build the test platform of grinding force, grinding heat, grinding power, the material removal rate and so on; based on simulation results, it is to carry out parameters optimization test of high-speed grinding process for preliminary master of the basic data and related rules of the grinding force, grinding power, grinding efficiency and grinding the surface quality under different materials and different conditions. Thesis results and innovation are:(1) Proposed and built simulation model of high-speed cylindrical grinding, including geometric model, sports model and a process model, based on the research results of simulation model to carry out high-speed grinding mechanism, process parameters and portfolio optimization, laid the theoretical foundation to carry out engineering test of high speed cylindrical grinding and can reduce the blindness and test costs;(2) Research results show that the chip formation process of single high-speed abrasive grinding experienced four states:sliding→plowing→cutting→sliding, different grinding wheel speed Vs and the depth of cut Ap will affect the percentage of different states in the process of grinding thereby affecting the material removal rate and surface quality of high-speed cylindrical grinding;(3) Research results of the temperature in high-speed cylindrical grinding show that when the wheel speed Vs<180m/s, with the increase of the grinding wheel speed, grinding temperature was gradually increasing trend in the first, when Vs reached a certain threshold value, it demonstrated a downward trend, the phenomenon is similar to the variation of "Salomon" curve, such as the threshold value for the titanium alloy and 40Cr is Vs=120m/s; when Vs> 180m/s, with the increase of the grinding wheel speed, grinding temperature has an upward trend, but due to the limitations of the time and test conditions, the relevant data of different materials is not sufficient, in which the phenomena and objective rules occurring need to be further research and verification...
Keywords/Search Tags:High-Speed Cylindrical Grinding, Simulation, Grinding Force, Grinding Temperature, Specific Grinding Energy, Titanium Alloy
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