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Research On Grinding Media Motion And Parameters In Ball Mill

Posted on:2011-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D F FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2131330338978041Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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Ball mill as a kind of predominant material comminution devices, because of ithas many advantages include big production capacity and good size reduction ratio.Ball mill is be widely used in many departments, such as metallurgical industry,building material industry, ceramic industry, power industry and so on. In many time,experience parameter will be used to guide grinding work process. But the motionalbehavior of grinding elements in ball mill is very complex, use the experienceparameter to crush different properties and different particle size will cause lowefficiency and high energy consumption in grinding work process. To study themotion of grinding elements to find the suitable working parameter positively notonly good for enhances the enterprise economic efficiency, but also coincidence therequirement of energy conservation and environmental protection.This research base on traditional medium movement theory, by analysis andresearch, give the reason to support the assumption in traditional theory that sliding donot happened between medium and the shell while medium rise drived by the cylinderrotation. Complement the theory that the medium motion in cascading state,cataractstate,hybrid state in cascading and cataract motion, the grinding medium movementsunder the hybrid state were divided into several areas: lifted by mill-wall, cascadingand cataract, and they were respectively computational analyzed. The differentsimulation models and algorithms for grinding medium motion were carried out foreach section.This research has studied and simulated the grinding medium motion at differentfilling ratio and different speed of turning in aΦ1000*1000mm ball mill. Underdifferent medium motion tracing, mechanical analysis has done to the medium mass,and calculate the medium Impact energy. Choice quartz sands as research object, specific to particle size, comprehensive analysis different medium motion tracing andthe mechanical relation under the medium motion tracing, choice a appropriate fillingratio and speed of turning.The reseach provide some supplement to the traditional medium movementtheory. Parameter selection method to the ball mill has some reference value andpractical meaning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ball mill, Medium motion tracing, Filling ratio, Speed of turning, Parameter selection
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